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Daily Journal: Share the Sun

November 20, 2014

Another fine ending to a day here in NW Montana with another beautiful crystal clear big sky which brought plenty of solar power to our Goal Zero solar panels and Yeti 1250 generators and batteries. We will now have enough power in our yurt for nearly two weeks as long as we remain conservative. Feeling refreshed – WooHoo!  

Lets Make Moves

For 28 days, I’ve accepted the challenge to write every day. Find more on my motives here. See how far I’ve come here. If there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s getting my way. When I want something, I have an uncanny way of getting it. No, seriously—I’m not sure you understand. It’s to a point where I focus on that one thing with all my energy. It occupies every thought I have… I’m constantly scheming about how I can get said “thing” and I won’t let up until I get it. It’s as if there is divine intervention…