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Chickens and dogs

March 21, 2016

I love that life can be consumed by chickens and dogs here at The Busby Hive 🐝. Here, sweet Glacier gives a Buff Orpington a good sniff! 🐥😌🐕

Powder Hound

January 26, 2016

Powder hound. Glacier’s favorite part about yurt life is the deep snow she gets to run and jump through while chasing us on either our snowboard, skis, or snowmobiles – dubbed the “Montana Dog Walk.”

The Heart of the Yurt

January 25, 2016

Main heat source, gathering spot, spare cooking space, and tool for making extra water in the winter from melting snow. The stove is the heart of our yurt life. It burns 24 hours a day during the winter using dead trees from around the property while at he same time reducing fire danger, promoting a health forest, and increasing feeding areas for local wildlife.