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#TBT (Throw-back Thursday) — Bye, Winter. It’s been real.

Just as suddenly as it came, winter in northwest Montana has gone – seemingly for good. Although the snow-capped peaks of Glacier National Park line the eastern wall of the Flathead Valley, the majority of the valley floor is becoming lush and green again. Birds are chirping, turkeys roam our yard, the daylight last longer and we find buds on the branches of larch trees and the lilac bush outside our home. While at one time, we dreaded the return of summertime while living in the hot, desert, today we welcome the changing of the seasons. As Sean says, it’s…

How we came to own a grease-powered RV

I remember the conversation like it happened yesterday. Sean came home one night in January, 2012 and told me the news: He and Russ found a 1977 Dodge Travel Queen Motorhome for sale and they wanted to split the purchase, fix it up, put in a waste vegetable oil fuel system and drive it to Alaska and back with the four of us—Russ, his wife, Brittany, Sean and me. Oh, I shouldn’t worry about the fact that the motorhome was older than me…by 11 years. And that I hadn’t seen it. And that it might have a wood burning stove coming out of the roof. The original engine had been…

Concerning the world is flat theory

July 23, 2013

Currently en route to Wisconsin via Hwy 2/Hwy 94… Otherwise known as the flattest way to traverse the country. We left home by skirting Glacier National Park and enjoyed gorgeous mountainous scenery for a solid 85 miles. And then, all of a sudden, you see this: And then you realize you have 23 more hours and 1300 miles of driving left and have to literally keep yourself from punching yourself in the face. The good news is that we only have 7 hours left! #brightside #greasecar #freefuel #bloggingwithhashtags … Definitely ready for a Wisconsin weekend on the lakes with family!

Day 1: Let the social experiment begin!

The day we’ve been waiting five months for has finally come. Sean, Brittany, Russ and I are officially on the road in the Travel Queen. The decals are lookin’ good, the solar is soaking up sun on this beautiful day, and the fuel smells like french fries. And that’s just the way we intended it to be! The past five months have been trying, to say the least. We’ve had our ups (WE JUST BOUGHT A MOTORHOME) and our downs (WHERE DID ALL OUR MONEY GO) but all the construction, painting, hammering, packing has come to an end… we are…