Mollie and I decided combine an expedition with our honeymoon, and traveled to Romania and Bulgaria in eastern Europe. A few good reasons prevailed: 

  1. It was cheap to get to.
  2. It promised cheap beer.
  3. It was cheap.

Newlyweds and a cheap adventure honeymoon was music to our ears — and from what we researched, the mountains seemed pretty stelar too. Plus, I had been wanting to sample some of Dracula’s powder for years, so was stoked to make this happen. 

We spent a few weeks touring the backcountry of both countries via our skis and snowboard, starting at one end of each country and working our way across. One of eastern Europe’s worst winters (or lack of winter) in recent history plagued the region and by the time we arrived the lack of snow in the mountains was obvious. A little disheartened we decided to make the most of it on the shady crusted aspects that we found.

Upon arriving in Romania we would later come to find out that we had be ripped off /had stolen a few hundred dollars from us within by a local car rental scam at the airport. If you want to imagine what happened, Google rear bumper scam Thrifty Romania — we weren’t the first people that it happened to. There have been hundreds over the years and you will gather an idea of what we spent part of our honeymoon dealing with.

On a happier note, we experienced a beautiful culture and made amazing friends of which we had Christmas dinner with along with their extended family. Anu Despan and her family were so welcoming. Anu and her husband also run LaDespani Guesthouse is Brasov and I highly recommend this place when visiting Brasov or that region. We felt as if we were in our home and with our own family over the holidays.

An interesting part of the Romania trip was learning about the communist past and what happened to many of the wonderful people during those times. Learning about Romania’s history made traveling in the mountains that much more special. 

You can read about our full experience in Frequency Snowboard Journal, issue 11.1 A Honeymoon in Romania.”