If we could live anywhere in the world, we would live in northern Norway. It is stunning and beautiful country with some of the best backcountry touring we have found. Something about that place just feels like home to us. Thus, we keep going back…

We first explored the northern part of arctic Norway in 2012. Sean put together a crew of backcountry skiers and snowboarders and we departed from the USA to the Lyngen Alps region. Upon arriving into Tromso, we embarked to David Skirnisson’s family farm. We came in the late spring/early summer when the sun stays above or near the horizon for the better part of the day. We climbed many peaks and rode down to the ocean. The photos below are from that first trip to Norway.

While many of our friends book trips to Costa Rica, Mexico and other tropical locales, northern Norway has became our version of paradise. We continue to return annually with different missions, from snow camping to exploring other zones such as the Lofoten Islands.