In the winter of 2012, we explored the country of Kyrgyzstan in central Asia with our skis and snowboards. Flying into Manas International Airport, we were greeted by US war planes that were stationed for fighting in Afghanistan — an interesting tone to this new region we were set to explore. We quickly found comfort in the kindness of the friendly Kyrgyz people in both the north and south ends of the country. We also served a community component to this expedition by bringing over bags of skis, snowboards, boots, outerwear, backpacks, solar power, and avalanche equipment to local villages, families, and kids. We stayed in local villages with families, roasting food above a stove fueled by animal dung, met yurt makers, and shared the stoke of skiing and snowboarding with local kids and adults across such a beautiful country. Though we didn’t speak the locals’ language, we did all share a love for mountains and the laughter of playing with such fun toys – skis and snowboards.