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Daily Journal: Montana morning light

With temps dipping into the 20s at night and highs only in the 40s, we are becoming more engaged with our wood stove. One special perk is you get to see some really amazing sunrises and Montana morning light when restocking the wood stove for breakfast. This sunrise was captured from our yurt looking into Glacier National Park as another storm front moves in bringing more rain and snow to NW Montana.

What some would call lies—and what I call “good stuff”

As a blogger, I’m naturally interested in stories. I tell stories all the time. Like yesterday’s story? Pretty revealing. If we’re being totally honest here, I actually feel super exposed after putting out the phrase, “tire around my midsection that haunts my reflection in the mirror” into the universe. But for me—no matter how naked I feel to the “outside” world, writing is therapeutic. And the method to my madness is words, or rather type. On the interweb. Recently, I got to thinking about another form of therapeutic storytelling: Podcasts. Specifically, a type 1 diabetes podcast that doesn’t focus on diabetes…

Think Thankful:’s Jessica Apple Writes on Life in Tel Aviv

November 20, 2012

I don’t have a long post for today, but what I do have is something that should make us all a little more thankful. A few times a month, I write for from the perspective of a wife of someone with diabetes. (Who thought my role could have such a strong point of view!). So while I’m sitting here writing about this, Jessica and Michael—the founders of the website are living in Tel Aviv, where they set up shop with their family 15 years ago. Air raid sirens constantly ring through the air in a city once considered a…

Often Wander Bracelet Giveaway WINNER: Sarah O!

I am so happy to say that Sarah O. (from Waupaca!) has won the Often Wander bracelet in the color of her choice! Sarah has been reading and commenting on my blog for a long time, and so I think it’s fitting that she’s rewarded for being one of my longest-time readers. To the rest of you who entered, THANK YOU for taking the time to comment! You all are wonderful, and I think you will look absolutely fabulous in an Often Wander bracelet—so you should treat yourself. I will be shooting you an email with the code for 10% off the Often…

Bloggy Bootcamp Las Vegas: So. Freaking. Awesome.

So many of you have probably considered blogging at some point in your life. Perhaps you have some opinions you think the world needs to hear. Or maybe your overbearing mom in Arizona is begging you to post pictures of her grandchildren. OR, maybe you just think you’re awesome and the world should know your opinons about life, love and the adventures you have with your husband and your Weimaraner. (Which is totally valid.) Well, little do you know—there is a tribe of women in this world who are really “working” the blogging sector and making their livlihood from this business….

Uncaged Rebecca, and her quest to free the world

There’s still time to win a pair of Noon earrings! Click here for more info. — Funny story how I found Rebecca Tracey. On our drive back from Denver, Sean was Googling on my iPhone about all the fires in our area, and he’s like—hey, you need to look at this girl’s website. She had been climbing in Maple Canyon that weekend (which she subsequently blogged about), and I think her name popped up on Twitter and he clicked to her website and started reading me her bio. I swear, it was like—sparks were flying… in the car… through the Internet: As…

Living Vertical: Diabetes on the rocks

We all know this: I love rock climbing. A lot. I credit the fit of my wedding dress to a strict regimen of yoga and rock climbing during the month prior to September 24, 2011. But here’s the question: Would I be interested in climbing 365 days of the year? Probably, but lets be honest: I’ve got a motor home to work on. For Steve and Stefanie Richert, rock climbing 365 days of the year is reality. About a month ago, Sean and I were e-introduced to the couple, who together is “Living Vertical,” meaning for one entire year, they will climb…

The Romantic Comedy with a twist: “Love & Other Drugs”

Welcome to my world of not having cable TV. Yes, you read that correctly. Sean and I don’t currently have cable, and we don’t plan on subscribing anytime soon. Life without TV is amazing—I feel no sort of addiction to television, and I never find myself saying, “Oh, I can’t do that because my favorite show is on TV.” (This, of course, excludes my minor obsession with Glee that materializes when new seasons come out on DVD.) No offense to TV lovers; this works for us. And so does Netflix. Despite the bad rap Netflix has as of late due to hiked prices,…

Meet Jules, from Eater Provocateur

In honor of Halloween—the chance to masquerade as someone we’re not—I am posting about a fellow blogger I aspire to be sometimes. Meet Jules, the founder/author/literary genius behind Eater Provocateur—one of my favorite blogs. I have the privilege of working in the same community as Jules, and I initially signed up for her blog to support a fellow blogger; A subscription for a subscription, if you will. However, what I received—and continue to receive weekly—is so much more. Her posts are incredible insights into a a smart, passionate woman’s past, present and future. Jules’ style of writing is at once eloquent, rich, and captivating….