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Homesteading Win: DIY Lip Balm

When Sean started using the adjective “homesteader” to describe what we want to be someday, it made me feel nervous. Who are we to call ourselves homesteaders compared to people who have bees and chickens and trap their own meat and maintain entire farms supporting their family with veggies and all of life’s growable things? We’re just a pair of fresh, materialistic converts living in a used yurt and driving vegetable oil powered cars and — yeah. Ok. Nevermind. But seriously, homesteading in the traditional, full-blown sense seems far away—so, I’m taking baby steps. My herb garden (with three herbs in…

Stoked on life (and yams)

A few weeks ago, I had an intuitive reading with a dear friend of mine from Madison, named Laura. [A psychic? Really?] I prefer to call it an intuitive reading—but yes, really. There are no crystal balls, she doesn’t analyze coffee grounds … none of the hooplah you heard about in the cheesy movies. [Why would you do that? How do you know she’s for real?] How else do you expect me to find blogging material without doing something unexpected once and a while? And to the second question, I don’t know. I feel. Feelings are all you have to reference,…

Favorite (and easy!) breakfast smoothie

July 6, 2012

I originally got this idea from my friend, Carlyle after staying with her in Denver. Then I found this twist on Pinterest.  It’s so simple, and I love the taste of a smoothie in the morning—especially with a treat like peanut butter. Blend a banana, milk, peanut butter and oatmeal with some ice cubes, and voila—breakfast!

A Fourth of July treat

July 4, 2012

Love this idea I found on Pinterest this morning. Had to post—love the patriotic feel… chocolate chips and white chocolate chips in fresh raspberries. Yum! Happy 4th, everyone!

Tips for the perfect chocolate chip cookies

May 18, 2012

(Did I write an entire post about chocolate chip cookies? Yes, I did. No shame. Read on.) In the past few months, I’ve been determined to perfect my Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. Here’s my gripe: Don’t you feel like you follow the recipe, but get different results every time? Sometimes the cookies puff up and taste too floury, and other times, they go completely flat, which I consider embarrassing. (I won’t even give away a batch of lifeless cookies—THE HORROR. I would rather throw them away, eat the cost, and try again.) Well Internet, I’m proud to say I…

Dominating the dinner party

September 12, 2011

We’ve had a few dinner parties over the course of the past few weeks, and I’d just like to go on the record and state that I’m AWESOME at hosting a dinner party. In case you didn’t know. And Sean? He’s becoming “one” with his role of grillmaster. After a month-long apprenticeship with my dad (the Ultimate Grillmaster) this summer, I’d say Sean is becoming quite skilled. But why am I especially awesome? Thanks for asking! It’s because I’m equipped with such classy serving dishes, legitimate place mats, napkins, and napkin rings a la our wedding registries. I’m just so…