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Up Next: The Busbys are Moving to Alaska

I can’t remember when Sean first started talking about moving to Alaska. Proof that it’s been going on a loooooong time. As a practical midwestern girl, my first reaction was: WE’RE NOT MOVING TO ALASKA, AREYOUCRAZY?!   To anyone in the lower 48, moving to Alaska is sort of like moving to the moon. (Right?)   Even when we moved to Montana five years ago, it seemed relatively far from home — although it was a solid decision for both of us. Sean had his mountains, and I had my lakes. At the time, we both craved more lush, green…

The Busby Hive Off Grid Tiny House Tour

After everything we went through building a yurt — especially the discovery that it strengthened our marriage, I thought we would breeze through building a tiny house. The financial stars aligned, we were motivated to tackle the new project during our short summer, and our outlook was rosy. (As Sean will tell you, things through my eyes always seem to have a tint of sunshine and rainbows.) But along the way, the Tiny House project became more than a project… it morphed into an all-consuming force to be reckoned with, replete with deadlines, setbacks, and surprises. Like when our free ranging mountain chickens would swarm our snack table when we…

A Chick named Tiny. Starting a Microfarm with Strawbale Gardening. Building a Tiny Home. (Sensing a trend here?)

It all started: January 3rd — the day Sean broke his ankle.   His family had just left town for the New Year holiday, and we headed out to ski/ride. One loud POP and a failed attempt at a hand plant, Sean landed himself in the Urgent Care. The first doc didn’t see anything problematic on the X-ray, and so Sean implemented a lot of rest and relaxation, thinking things would be fine.   Long story short, Sean snowboarded on a broken ankle (even believing it was healing while in Iceland) until he went back into the doc and had it re-X-rayed, and…

The Busby Guide to Iceland on a Budget

April 24, 2016

Iceland is defined by contrast. Aptly named the “land of fire and ice,” the country’s landscape is draped with waterfalls that cascade from rocky outcrops, dotted with hot springs and billowing steam plumes, and surrounded by wild ocean waves licking the dark, deserted beaches. Icelandic people are friendly — albeit sometimes stand-offish at first — and offer occasional warm smiles that immediately soften their weathered, tough exteriors.    Known for welcoming droves of tourists during the lush summertime, Iceland can also be experienced in the winter for a fraction of the price. So if you’re a light spender and a winter lover, and…

“Outside by Design” — Featuring Mollie Busby

I am stoked to be featured on a weekly podcast called “Outside By Design”! Montana design firm Wheelie Creative is a rad company — and we work with them on projects for our new biz Yoga Hive Montana, for our nonprofit Riding On Insulin and hopefully someday for Two Sticks and a Board! Lisa (owner) and Dan (operations manager) interviewed me over a brew about life in Montana, about Sean and I becoming owners of a new yoga business, and where our yurt/expedition/life inspiration comes from. Give it a listen on your next run/bike/commute to work. Lots of laughter and nuggets of advice! Nugget…

Grounding through Montana Northern Lights

Sean and my schedules can be heavy with travel at times, and March-May were no exception. Being physically out of town when our hearts were back in Montana’s Flathead Valley made for a hard few months, but rewarding all the same — experiencing a wedding in a foreign country, spreading the stoke of skiing/snowboarding to more kids, and visiting one of our most favorite places on earth (Norway). But then we come back, and ground ourselves back down here at home, and once again the world seems to slow, ever-so-slightly… bringing everything back into focus. Last week, Sean shook me awake…

The What Why How Theory: Yurtlife Unpacked with Goal Zero

Stoked to have my guest post up on Goal Zero’s Solar Life blog this week. Ryan and Andy from the GZ team came and filmed Sean and I a few months ago at our yurt for their series, En Route. We are so honored to be a part of this community. Preview the post below (which pays homage to our buddy Chris’ theory – What Why How), and click READ MORE to see the rest on the Solar Life blog! THE WHAT, WHY, HOW THEORY: YURTLIFE UNPACKED   When my husband, Sean, and I tell people that we live in…

Photos from the Road

For Sean, it’s not always about the photo captured, but the process of taking the time to capture it.  

The Frontier Spirit of Polebridge, Montana

March 30, 2015

We love the frontier spirit of the North Fork and this is why Mollie and I have chosen to build part of our future in Polebridge, Montana. It’s a place that still embraces its past and an area that has held onto its brakes from modern times. A place where you can step back and move at a slower pace and see just how beautiful NW Montana is.

Sunrise over Glacier National Park

March 27, 2015

Sunrise over Glacier National Park—bringing the first rays of light to NW Montana’s Flathead Valley and our yurt’s Goal Zero solar panels.  

Glacier National Park’s Mount Jackson

March 25, 2015

An amazing sunset capturing Glacier National Park’s Mount Jackson from the living room of our yurt. Jackson Glacier is the 7th largest glacier in the park of the remaining 25 glaciers (150 glaciers were estimated in 1850) and is located on the north side of the peak. In 1850, the glacier covered 1,875 acres (including the now separate Blackfoot Glacier). In 2005, it was measured at 250 acres. Harrison Glacier is situated on the southern flanks of Mount Jackson and is the largest glacier in the park. In 2005 it was estimated to have an area of 466 acres remaining….

The Legacy of Mully’s Moguls

Look around Whitefish, and you’re bound to come across the name Muldown. There’s Muldown Elementary. Ed and Mully’s Bar & Restaurant on the mountain. Mully’s Moguls, Mully’s, Upper Mully’s — all runs at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Without even picking up a history book, one knows instantly that Lloyd “Mully” Muldown made an impact here.    Truth be told, Mully is often referred to the “Father of Skiing” for his involvement and enthusiasm in the early days of Whitefish Mountain Resort. To dig deeper into this legend, we turned to Mike Muldown—Mully’s son—to tell us a bit more about his father and the…

Another warm and sunny day in “Suntana”

March 18, 2015

Another warm and sunny day in “Suntana.” We are now left with this white strip of snow and ice down our mountainside as we try to maintain the little amount that is left. This small amount of snow is crucial to still allowing us to easily transport food, water, and supplies by a pulk sled rather then multiple trips with backpacks. Any sort of heavy vehicle at this point on our summer access 4×4 road will cause damage due to how moist the land is. We are hoping that winter will return soon to NW Montana!

Star trails circling over our yurt

March 15, 2015

Star trails circling over our yurt. Clear nights make for spectacular nighttime views in Big Sky Country.   

Montana Nightlife at the Yurt

March 6, 2015

The hike home last night up to our yurt was beautiful. An owl hooting for its mate and the moon rising through the clouds. Mollie and I sat out front of our yurt reflecting and feeling thankful while looking toward the shadowed outlines of Glacier National Park under the glow of our oil lantern.

Daily Journal: Ski in, ski out Yurt

February 25, 2015

The most reliable form of transportation has been our own two feet when it comes to accessing our yurt. Many miles have been logged this winter with my splitboard and Mollie’s AT setup—putting new meaning on having a “ski in, ski out” home.  

The Legacy of One Grand Parade

Many years ago, on a cold winter night, a man named Norm Kurtz was filling in as the “relief” bartender in the original Ptarmigan Room in the chalet at The Big Mountain (now, Whitefish Mountain Resort)*. As he refilled drinks for his two patrons that evening, he polished glasses and listened to their conversation. The two customers were discussing how the town needed something… a special activity in the wintertime to give everyone around town a little boost to get through the long, cold season. Kurtz listened to their stories and ideas, and took mental notes that he would later…

Daily Journal: Polebridge, Montana

February 23, 2015

Excited to put up a new mailbox soon in this tiny/remote and completely off the grid community up the North Fork of the Flathead River—Polebridge, Montana. A place where grizzlies roam your yard and your mail is delivered only twice a week by a local resident and her domesticated wolf. A land behind the times…or are they onto something we don’t know? My heart tells me the latter. Distant – up a long dirt road near a now closed down US/Canada boarder crossing. Where you can escape and truly disconnect from the modern world – with no cell phone reception,…

Daily Journal: Montana Winter Challenges

The last week has been one adventure after another in Busby YurtLife. An epic powder day led to a handful of snowmobile issues (Read: our primary access to the yurt digging itself into our road’s new massive snowbanks). I resorted to one mode of transport up that never breaks down.    Meanwhile, Sean was busy cleaning out our chimney after the swinging temps blocked it entirely! He writes, “Yurt life = DIY. Maintenance on our chimney cap after record breaking snow and a freezing rain event. Over the past two days we have noticed our highly efficient stove was acting…

YurtLife as a Classroom — AIARE Level 1 Montana

January 12, 2015

Yurtlife just reached a new level. I (Mollie) completed my American Institute for AIARE Level 1 course this weekend, based out of the Great Northern Powder Guides local backcountry yurt! There’s nothing quite like classroom in the AM, field observations and a ski tour to follow, and good times with new friends in a yurt to cap off the evening. Bonus points to Mother Nature for keeping us safe but allowing us to see snow instabilities firsthand. Remote triggered D1 storm slab avalanche near Stryker MT. Glad to be traveling with smart folks, and grateful to learn from a safe distance.