Up Next: The Busbys are Moving to Alaska

I can’t remember when Sean first started talking about moving to Alaska. Proof that it’s been going on a loooooong time. As a practical midwestern girl, my first reaction was: WE’RE NOT MOVING TO ALASKA, AREYOUCRAZY?!   To anyone in the lower 48, moving to Alaska is sort of like moving to the moon. (Right?)   Even when we moved to Montana five years ago, it seemed relatively far from home — although it was a solid decision for both of us. Sean had his mountains, and I had my lakes. At the time, we both craved more lush, green...
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The Busby Hive Off Grid Tiny House Tour

After everything we went through building a yurt — especially the discovery that it strengthened our marriage, I thought we would breeze through building a tiny house. The financial stars aligned, we were motivated to tackle the new project during our short summer, and our outlook was rosy. (As Sean will tell you, things through my eyes always seem to have a tint of sunshine and rainbows.) But along the way, the Tiny House project became more than a project… it morphed into an all-consuming force to be reckoned with, replete with deadlines, setbacks, and surprises. Like when our free ranging mountain chickens would swarm our snack table when we...
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A Chick named Tiny. Starting a Microfarm with Strawbale Gardening. Building a Tiny Home. (Sensing a trend here?)

It all started: January 3rd — the day Sean broke his ankle.   His family had just left town for the New Year holiday, and we headed out to ski/ride. One loud POP and a failed attempt at a hand plant, Sean landed himself in the Urgent Care. The first doc didn’t see anything problematic on the X-ray, and so Sean implemented a lot of rest and relaxation, thinking things would be fine.   Long story short, Sean snowboarded on a broken ankle (even believing it was healing while in Iceland) until he went back into the doc and had it re-X-rayed, and...
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The Busby Guide to Iceland on a Budget

Iceland is defined by contrast. Aptly named the “land of fire and ice,” the country’s landscape is draped with waterfalls that cascade from rocky outcrops, dotted with hot springs and billowing steam plumes, and surrounded by wild ocean waves licking the dark, deserted beaches. Icelandic people are friendly — albeit sometimes stand-offish at first — and offer occasional warm smiles that immediately soften their weathered, tough exteriors.    Known for welcoming droves of tourists during the lush summertime, Iceland can also be experienced in the winter for a fraction of the price. So if you’re a light spender and a winter lover, and...
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Chickens and dogs

I love that life can be consumed by chickens and dogs here at The Busby Hive 🐝. Here, sweet Glacier gives a Buff Orpington a good sniff! 🐥😌🐕

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Two newest members of the family

March 14, 2016

Meet Gary and Becky; The newest members to The Busby Hive – our sustainable off-grid microfarm (the latest work in progress for @seanbusby and I). These two are the start of the large flock of chicks arriving over the next few days.🐥🐥🐝

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Powder Hound

Powder hound. Glacier’s favorite part about yurt life is the deep snow she gets to run and jump through while chasing us on either our snowboard, skis, or snowmobiles – dubbed the “Montana Dog Walk.”

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The Heart of the Yurt

Main heat source, gathering spot, spare cooking space, and tool for making extra water in the winter from melting snow. The stove is the heart of our yurt life. It burns 24 hours a day during the winter using dead trees from around the property while at he same time reducing fire danger, promoting a health forest, and increasing feeding areas for local wildlife.

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“Outside by Design” — Featuring Mollie Busby

I am stoked to be featured on a weekly podcast called “Outside By Design”! Montana design firm Wheelie Creative is a rad company — and we work with them on projects for our new biz Yoga Hive Montana, for our nonprofit Riding On Insulin and hopefully someday for Two Sticks and a Board! Lisa (owner) and Dan (operations manager) interviewed me over a brew about life in Montana, about Sean and I becoming owners of a new yoga business, and where our yurt/expedition/life inspiration comes from. Give it a listen on your next run/bike/commute to work. Lots of laughter and nuggets of advice! Nugget...
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