Up Next: The Busbys are Moving to Alaska

I can’t remember when Sean first started talking about moving to Alaska. Proof that it’s been going on a loooooong time. As a practical midwestern girl, my first reaction was: WE’RE NOT MOVING TO ALASKA, AREYOUCRAZY?!


To anyone in the lower 48, moving to Alaska is sort of like moving to the moon. (Right?)


Even when we moved to Montana five years ago, it seemed relatively far from home — although it was a solid decision for both of us. Sean had his mountains, and I had my lakes. At the time, we both craved more lush, green trees, and lo and behold: we found the best little homestead money could buy, in one of the fastest growing valleys in Montana. Thus began our adventures off-the-grid!


Please know: This is not a “Goodbye Montana” blog post. We still own our properties here outside Whitefish, and in Polebridge. I own three yoga studios that are my livelihood and I’ve poured my heart and soul into for three years.  If anything, Montana is my true “home” and Sean’s just been living in it for five years.


Soooo…. Alaska? Yeah. It’s happening. If you could see Sean light up in AK, you’d know it’s right, too. Alaska is his happy place.


Let me take you back to the moment I started believing maybe Alaska could be possible… not like “moving to the moon” possible, but “moving to one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been” possible.


Last December (2016), Sean and I took a trip to AK, and hit all the stops… in -40 degree winter weather. That was a “negative” sign before that temp reading. NEGATIVE FORTY DEGREES. We drove from Anchorage, to Turnigan Pass, Seward, to Homer, back up to Anchorage, and to Talkeetna and Denali, up to Fairbanks, and back down and around, almost went to Valdez (got snowed out before driving there) and back to Anchorage before flying out. We car camped for the most part — as long as we could with -20 degree sleeping bags. (Which have since become -40 degree sleeping bags because, well. Alaska.)


We did this same “tour trip” before we moved to Montana. Getting to see all the options before making a decision on where we could see ourselves. So the whole experience felt like déjà vu!


On our trip, the best place (by a long shot) was the community of Homer. Sean made instant friends through our network of yurt owners, and before we knew it, we were being shown the best places to eat, hang, hike and more.  People opened their homes and their hearts to us, with little more than a friendly meet up — and that welcoming energy of a small town is how I’ve been living my entire life. To me, there’s nothing more inviting than small town hospitality. Pair that with the ocean, glaciers, mountains like you’ve never seen in your life, and abundant adventures to be had… well, it’s sort of a no-brainer.


So. The story of how we found our homestead in the bush outside Fritz Creek, AK (45 minutes outside Homer, depending on how long the ATV/snowmobile ride goes) is a good one — and I’m going to save that for another time. Here’s us the week we bought it… the perfect spot!


But for now, all I’ll say is YES we are moving to Alaska. Sean will be spending 8-9 months per year there because Montana’s strong UV rays and heat (which he’s allergic to) plus extreme amounts of fire smoke all cause his Lupus to come out of remission.  I’ll commute back and forth between Montana and Alaska in the short term while we figure out a rhythm. I’ve got yoga teacher trainings happening at Yoga Hive this fall, which I’m excited to be in Montana for! Winters will be spent in the Flathead Valley (the best time to be here!) as we make our way to Riding On Insulin camps around the US and Canada per usual. Lucky for us, Riding On Insulin is work that our team can do from anywhere throughout the year — so being in Alaska allows us to still devote ample time to working for the nonprofit so close to our hearts. Although there’s no service on our off-grid property, when you’re in our cabin, we miraculously have full cell phone service! (We couldn’t believe it either. “Working from the moon” just got easier!)


All this all might sound crazy, and hectic, and wild, but you know what? That’s just how the Busbys roll. I’m totally open to the possibilities, and I let go of any expectations for how this transition is happening a long time ago. I’m allowing the universe to show Sean and I the way on this grand adventure of life, together.


Look forward to more posts from us, because Alaska life is bigger… wilder… and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before!

Here’s Sean, driving the Alaskan Highway a week ago, with the dogs in tow!


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Joanie Brady
July 18, 2018 6:44 pm

Such a cool story! You guys will find the best anywhere, I’m sure 🙂 Enjoy Alaska!

Heidi Sweeney
July 19, 2018 10:16 am

❤️ love ❤️ so beautiful! Enjoy the journey!


What’s going to happen to the Busbyhive? That’s the best Tiny house I’ve ever seen.


Love Homer for all the reasons you do! Small friendly town! Enjoy the journey!


Mollie and Sean, You are living my dream! I always wanted a cute little cabin like that one! I wish you the best in Alaska! I’ve never been, but would visit. I have moved from SoCal to Wyoming for a year, then back south to HOT Las Vegas, again, for family, but my heart is also in the mountains! I love nature! So great hearing from you, looking forward to more Alaska pictures! All the Best! Take Care, Donna

Kathryn White
July 26, 2018 6:26 pm

Wow! What an amazing adventure!


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