“Outside by Design” — Featuring Mollie Busby

I am stoked to be featured on a weekly podcast called “Outside By Design”! Montana design firm Wheelie Creative is a rad company — and we work with them on projects for our new biz Yoga Hive Montana, for our nonprofit Riding On Insulin and hopefully someday for Two Sticks and a Board! Lisa (owner) and Dan (operations manager) interviewed me over a brew about life in Montana, about Sean and I becoming owners of a new yoga business, and where our yurt/expedition/life inspiration comes from. Give it a listen on your next run/bike/commute to work. Lots of laughter and nuggets of advice!

Nugget 1: “Your business reflects on you. It comes from the top down. Whoever you are is who the business is going to be.”

Nugget 2: “If you believe in something—that you are really meant to do something—you gotta just do it.”



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I really like what you guys are doing and the vibes you’e send out! KEEP THE FAITH and continue doing what you’re doing! I’m inspired to inspire!


Thanks for the good vibes 🙂


I have a very rustic hunting shack in Northern Wisconsin and can relate to the wilderness effect on ones psyche. The woods are my friend, the peace and quiet are priceless, the clear skys at night are endless entertainment. All of it their for anyone to absorb and feel the energy being created by everything inside you.


So did you purchase the land your yurt is on? Just wondering where to get information on living like this?


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