Grounding through Montana Northern Lights

Sean and my schedules can be heavy with travel at times, and March-May were no exception. Being physically out of town when our hearts were back in Montana’s Flathead Valley made for a hard few months, but rewarding all the same — experiencing a wedding in a foreign country, spreading the stoke of skiing/snowboarding to more kids, and visiting one of our most favorite places on earth (Norway).

But then we come back, and ground ourselves back down here at home, and once again the world seems to slow, ever-so-slightly… bringing everything back into focus. Last week, Sean shook me awake and persuaded me to head outside to witness waves upon waves of the Aurora Borealis, lighting up our yurt during the short span of darkness we receive this time of year.

During moments like this, my focus is crystal clear—we have so much to be grateful for!



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