Daily Journal: Montana Winter Challenges

The last week has been one adventure after another in Busby YurtLife. An epic powder day led to a handful of snowmobile issues (Read: our primary access to the yurt digging itself into our road’s new massive snowbanks). I resorted to one mode of transport up that never breaks down. 

Meanwhile, Sean was busy cleaning out our chimney after the swinging temps blocked it entirely! He writes, “Yurt life = DIY. Maintenance on our chimney cap after record breaking snow and a freezing rain event. Over the past two days we have noticed our highly efficient stove was acting sluggish and backdrafting smoke into our living space. A sketchy ladder climb up the side of our chimney revealed a gummed up chimney cap caused by mixing hot fire gasses with cooled air and precipitation. A call into one of our chimney cleaning friends revealed the same situation for many other people across the valley. This photo reveals all the creosote that built up from this recent weather event on our chimney cap. I will now clean it all out before reinstalling. If you notice drafting issues – it is wise to seek out and resolve the problem immediately. Creosote buildup can lead to devastating and potentially deadly chimney fires!”

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