Daily Journal: Alpenglow in Glacier National Park

Our evening light at the yurt can be spectacular. I love how the alpenglow lasts longer and longer each day as we move closer to winter. This shot was taken from inside the living room of our yurt looking directly at Glacier National Park’s Mount Stimson – the second highest peak and one of the most remote and isolated peaks in the park. Termed one of the hardest major summits in the continental United States to climb from a standpoint of remoteness, effort, and non-technical challenge, it is a true monster that towers over this part of NW Montana. Hard to be uninspired by such raw beauty of Alpenglow in Glacier National Park. So humbled and thankful for moments such as this and to be re-grounded each day from the simple sight of it.



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We traveled to Glacier National Park last August. I was so amazed at the beauty that I can fully understand why you live there. Have just been looking at Yurts to rent while traveling again this summer. Hope to make it back to Glacier going from east to west to Oregon.

My grandmother always wanted to go but did not make it to Glacier and last year I got to do that for her . As I was certain she was with me to make that trip

.I have a friend who has a child who now has Diabetes 1 ,and the mother is having issues with bottoming out blood sugar in the middle of the night. I will forward this link for her and give her some hope of how others are dealing with this.


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