Happiness is a choice worth making

I was back in my hometown in Wisconsin recently, and took some time to go through my old journals. I laughed when I realized I had literally recorded, in writing, every moment of my middle and high school experience. It was entries from my 5th- and 6th-grade self that particularly fascinated me; I read the words “I am so happy!” and “I am so excited!” over and over again, like a recurring theme. You don’t remember things like that unless you write it down. I must have been the happiest kid on the planet.

That got me thinking about how life used to be, before finances needed to be managed, before bills needed to be paid, and before jobs (other than my lucrative babysitting business) needed to be worked. Life — for me — was simply happy. (At least according to my journals.) Another happy moment that comes to mind is this one:


It may not immediately exude “happiness,” but I can tell you from memory that this moment was one of the most exciting days of my life — the day I officially left everything I knew in Wisconsin and moved out west with Sean… whom I had only met only 4 months prior. Taking chances, pursing dreams, following my heart. This next one is another logical addition to this post:



Happiness these days — rather than the norm for 6th graders and love birds — seems to be more of a choice, doesn’t it? There are things in our lives that prove difficult and stressful, and we can let them take over our life and throw off our balance. But if we choose to be happy, regardless of distractions, then so be it. (As it should be!) My friend Brit told me recently that we should all “Try easy,” because life doesn’t have to be so hard. Well I think another mantra worth living is:

“Try happy,” because life doesn’t have to be stressful.

In honor of my current adventure down under, this photo fits with the theme of this post — Sean and I in Melbourne, Australia, circa 2012. Happy day!

Melbourne Busby


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This post makes me very happy.


Love the post #livingthedream


#livinghappy This morning I work up worried and stressing about pay off my Student Loans… This was a perfect post to read. A good reminder.


I love this!!! I think we all need reminding that we hold the keys to our own happiness. Thanks for giving me happy thoughts today!

Chely monteleone
August 8, 2014 12:38 pm

Such a true and fun post. If everyone chose to be HAPPY each day, what a world this would be! Thx

Paul T. Shafer
August 8, 2014 1:15 pm

Really, really good stuff guys. Found your site while doing some research on yurts but love the blog as well. Peace!


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