The Yurt Raising is Upon Us

As we begin to prepare for the yurt raising this weekend, anticipation courses through my veins. My thoughts are consumed with, “What will this be like in the yurt?” and “What do I really need for the yurt?” and “How can I downsize even further before the yurt?” The thing is: We are consumed with so many things. We work all day to make money… to buy things that we don’t need… because we’re trained to think “This Feels Good Because I Earned It.” We’re trained to think that the size of our homes and the value of our cars are a reflection of how “good” we’re doing in life. To clarify, I’m not saying we should all downsize to Tiny Homes and stop supporting local businesses. I’m suggesting that perhaps, there’s no need for this mentality of excess.

Sean and I watched a movie called “Tiny” last night, about the movement to live with less things and space, and live fuller in terms of experiences and relationships. Arguably (and I love this point) when there are less things to clutter our lives, we are able to focus our energy more on the things that matter — life. love. adventure. It’s a conscious decision to live that way, and one that The Minimalists also support.

Technically, our yurt – being 700 square feet without the loft, is just barely (sometimes not even) considered a “tiny home.” Folks living in 128 square feet, or 58 square feet can claim that title. In fact, Tiny Home-ers might call our yurt a Tiny Mansion. Nonetheless, it’s still a tent at heart lacking many of today’s common comforts. And for me, 700 square feet of living space, off-the-grid in a peaceful forest setting is just right for us in this moment. Follow our journey this weekend on Instagram. (And wish us luck!)

Here I am, pushing one of the last pieces of our insulated deck panels into place:


I love seeing Sean smile like this, with a sense of accomplishment.


Sean and Daisy, celebrating the Busby win when the deck was finished.


Last night, testing out the first view through our french doors (frame). Photo credit: Louise Anten/Camera Shye Photography.


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Good Luck!

June 5, 2014 7:03 pm

Holy mountain man beard, Batman!!!! So happy for you guys! I wish wish wish we could be there to help. 🙂 Sending lots of love and energy your way!

Heidi Sweeney
June 6, 2014 6:02 am

So excited and proud of you both! Can’t wait to see the end results!


This is so amazing! You two are true mountain folk and I admire your decision to take this path. Every step counts but this is a Big one! Happy day!


Thank you so much for your kind words, Abigail! —Mollie


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