Yurt life, continued

Things have been good. Slow, but good. After you have a 1-day yurt raising, it’s hard to go day after day without making GIANT leaps and bounds. Plus, we’ve had a couple work trips — and our jobs in general — that keep us busy. Each night we schlep up to the yurt after work with charged power tools and try to make progress, bit by bit. When we can’t keep our eyes open anymore, we fall into bed – literally – because we nabbed a great new mattress on craigslist this week that we’ve set up in our yurt bedroom.


Our favorite part of this process (other than the inevitable husband/wife “bonding” that happens while building a house together) is the sleeping part. No, really! The sounds you hear from inside the yurt are so raw – it’s like you’re in nature… but also in your real bed, as opposed to a Thermarest or an air mattress. Perhaps this is what heaven feels like?

The good news is that I’m almost done with the stairs to the front door, we have the interior walls raised, and we have nearly completed the loft beams over the bedroom. I’ll finish the stairs this weekend, the bathroom/kitchen beams will go up next, and our goal is to have the entire loft up this weekend as well. Other things we’re working on (meaning, we’ve been Google researching like crazy) are the systems that make the yurt livable… Including our toilet situation (composting), water, electricity and propane for the stove. I promise once we have each figured out, we’ll give you a full report.

Don’t judge the mess. This is yurt life, unedited:


Here’s our toilet on the day it arrived. Although this won’t be it’s permanent resting spot (it has a happy home inside the yurt!), we do appreciate the view we could have had:


Even the dogs get tired from a long day of work and yurt:



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How did you build the loft!? I’ve got my own yurt and am dying for a loft, can you give me some insight?


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