#TBT (Throw-back Thursday) — Bye, Winter. It’s been real.

Just as suddenly as it came, winter in northwest Montana has gone – seemingly for good. Although the snow-capped peaks of Glacier National Park line the eastern wall of the Flathead Valley, the majority of the valley floor is becoming lush and green again. Birds are chirping, turkeys roam our yard, the daylight last longer and we find buds on the branches of larch trees and the lilac bush outside our home. While at one time, we dreaded the return of summertime while living in the hot, desert, today we welcome the changing of the seasons. As Sean says, it’s the only time in his life when he can remember looking forward to summer. As we ring in springtime from our corner of the world, I was stoked to find some photos on Sean’s computer from adventures to Glacier National Park and Tamarack Brewery in Lakeside, Montana with my best friend Lisa, and her hubby Dave taken last summer/fall. The weather was sunny and crisp that weekend, and the four of us ventured out in the Greasecar for a hike in Glacier and a tour of Flathead Lake.






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