Top 5 Reasons to Ski Whitefish Mountain Resort

It’s official. I wrapped up my first “Opening Weekend” at Whitefish Mountain Resort. For those who don’t speak ski-town, that’s code for “the weekend the resort opens.” Unlike Sean, Whitefish is the first resort town I’ve ever lived in. He’s lived in Steamboat Springs, Whistler, and grew up in Southern California, near resorts like Mountain High and Big Bear. Me? I grew up on Nordic Mountain—a whopping 265 vertical feet of sweet Wisconsin “powder.” (Emphasis on the quotes.) Whitefish Mountain Resort’s 2,305 vertical feet provide a bit of an upgrade as my “home mountain.” The entire mountain was open for the big weekend due to the heavy winter weather we’ve had in the last month. Although Sean and I do a ton of backcountry, it was fun to ride the steel horses to the top instead of relying on our own two feet.

Here are the top 5 reasons we love to ski Whitefish Mountain Resort:

5. The Snow Bus. No ride? No 4WD? No motivation to drive up a mountain road? Whatever your reasoning, the Snow Bus is for you. Making stops across Whitefish before heading up to the resort, the Snow Bus is a free ride to Whitefish Mountain Resort for anyone who needs it. With the last bus descending after 10pm through April 5th, you can ski all day, have some brews at the Bierstube and head down to town without having to get behind the wheel. Click here to see this season’s schedule.


4. Beards feel at home. In other places, children may say “Stranger danger!” to this man. In Montana, children envy this man. In all seriousness, the Montana crowd is incredibly welcoming, interesting to chat with, and facial hair abounds. As Sean says, snow is an insulator. So are beardsicles.


3. Less crowds. More to ride. Northwest Montana is like America’s best kept skiing secret. Don’t tell them we told you… but the resort has all the personality and terrain of Colorado or Utah, and none of the crowds. Couple that with double digit negative degree temperatures for opening day, and we practically had the mountain (and all its sweet terrain) to ourselves:


2. The Views. I know everyone probably thinks their home mountain has the best views, but Whitefish actually does. No other resort can say their Summit House looks directly into the Crown of the Continent—Glacier National Park. And when the snow covers the trees and the clouds lift for a day, GNP is in full majestic force to the east. You’ll also hear the trees referred to as Snow Ghosts, because as the winter progresses, they are covered by layers of snow and rime (ice) from the humidity in the climate here. Eventually, all green is covered and they’re big, billowing ghosts scattered across the mountain.


1. The après ski scene is rad. Whether you stay up at the mountain to experience the glory of the Legendary Bierstube, or you mosey on down Big Mountain Road into town for a brew and some french fries at the Bull Dog Saloon, your experience post-ski is going to be a good one. Cheers to a great season!


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I totally get it. Opening weekend is something I keen for, leaning into all summer, awaiting those first glorious turns. You have the whole season ahead of you–sparkly snow, deep powder, bluebird groomer days, and plenty of apres evenings to spare. Enjoy every moment.


I totally miss the Alpinglow which was where we stayed most years 🙁


Looks fantastic!!! Almost as good as the sweet slopes of Mt Baw Baw, Victoria, Australia:);)


Wow…I’m moving to Whitefish! Thanks for your blog….it provides me with some inspiration.


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