The Quest for the Perfect Butcher Block

My love for finding treasures dates back to elementary school, when I would go to rummage sales with my neighbor, Ally. It was so exciting – the thrill of the hunt! Sometimes for a purpose, and sometimes for nothing in particular. I bought so much junk… Caboodles, doll houses, trapper keepers, books, T-shirts, jewelry—the list goes on and on. Today, garage sales might be the only place 25 cents goes a long way. But yet, I was inspired then just as much as I am today when I shop for decor for our home at vintage shops.

There’s something so satisfying about browsing through vintage wares, selecting an item for your home and then actually seeing it come to life in your house as a recycled treasure—and it’s not something your friends will have. It’s completely unique to your home. Nearly all the furniture in our home is from vintage/thrift stores or things that have been handed down to us from family. I feel this is one of the ways I satisfy my love for decorating, and my new-found desire to recycle things (like our waste veggie oil-powered cars!).

When I went to the Vintage Whites Christmas Market recently in Kalispell (one of my favorite events that comes around a few times a year!), I wanted one thing, and one thing only: A butcher block. When I found it? It was like a movie where the clouds part for a moment and a beam of sunshine illuminated the butcher block of my dreams. Lo and behold, it was handmade by a man in Bozeman and fastened to a frame of recycled barn wood. So much more satisfying than buying one in a big box store:



These white jars for flour and sugar are also thrifted from the Vintage Whites Market.


In the spirit of Christmas shopping, I wanted to share more photos from this great event. If vintage shopping isn’t your thing, maybe these photos will inspire you to try it… You never know what you’re going to find! Whether you have a purpose or none at all, the thrill of the hunt is the object of the game. Happy holiday hunting, and more importantly, happy holidays!





I’m so stoked on this jewelry from Poisonberry. It’s made in Montana (obviously) and there are so many cute pieces. I met owner and artist, Britt McGillivray at the show and was blown away by all her merchandise. If you live in Montana, you probably need one of these necklaces. Just sayin’. Click here to view the Poisonberry Jewelry website.







Sorry, I know these aren’t vintage wares, but these cake pops were so cute!


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Cute kitchen Mol!! I enjoyed catching up on the blog and your adventures—but sure do miss you!


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