The Beauty of a Ski Utility Strap

Mollie and I consider ourselves professional travelers.  We travel coast to coast and country to country and have learned many tips and tricks along the way, such as knowing the best airlines for certain routes, how and when to get the best prices, and how to bypass baggage fees and weight restrictions. We rock the Platinum Medallion status and create wild itineraries that would have any well practiced travel agent’s head turning in circles.

One nightmare I used to struggle with for big expeditions was transporting multiple bags with large amounts of gear. This is an example of what I packed for Norway this past April. And imagine, this is only my version—Mollie has a similar kit that she has to bring as well.



When you fly internationally you are usually fortunate to be provided with free baggage carts, but when traveling domestically in the USA you are stuck with having to fork out $5 for a measly cart to get you across the terminal. But if you’re like us, you know $5 can go further outside the airport—so it’s best to have another option.  So then, what is one to do with two expeditions duffels, a snowboard bag, a backpack, and messenger computer bag? Simple. Tetris the bags together with ski utility straps.

I have perfected the art of turning a rolling ski or snowboard bag into its own rolling luggage cart by connecting ski utility straps to other duffles and locking them down on top of the rolling bag.  It is important to make sure once you have your bags situated and tightened to then test the balance of your rolling entourage.  Does one of your bags tilt more to one side then the other?  If so, correct this and make sure the weight in centered or you will end up tipping your bag and causing your whole circus show to collapse at the most inconvenient of times making you look like a “skiwampus” fool.  Turning your rolling ski/snowboard bag into a pickup truck takes practice and skill but can be done with the use of simple ski utility straps.

On the international front where you have access to free carts, load your luggage/duffles into the cart and then take a utility strap and connect the end of your rolling ski/snowboard bag to the handle of the cart.  Make sure to always load your luggage into the cart though first as you need an anchor before you attach your shred bag.  Now you can ghost ride your deluxe luggage cart through customs and cruise painlessly to your destination.



Afraid to navigate those customs maze/corrals with this setup?  Easy… Just kick the bottom of your bag around every turn as you navigate the Guinea pig course.  Now your shred bag can experience the thrills of turns through concrete powder and you are really riding dirty.

One last thing – unload your bags in reverse and watch out for peoples heels as you slide them off. Prepare to sign autographs you savvy traveler.

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