Fall Colors at 114° West

Having moved to Whitefish in March, I’m still in that phase of awe as we transition through new seasons in our new home. Although I took these photos weeks ago, the fall colors in this part of the country are still spectacular, and the crisp, cool air is a refreshing change, preparing us for winter—which is just on the horizon. Not much longer and we’ll be on skis again!


These trees are called larch trees, and while they look like pine trees, this breed sheds their needles every fall. Before that, they turn a blazing shade of yellow. It’s like being surrounded by yellow Christmas trees! (Brittany: Not as good as hot pink Christmas trees, but close.)


Fully recovered from her incident with the bear, Daisy enjoys every opportunity to soak up the season: DSCN0047


This view is from our bedroom—straight into Glacier National Park.


I gave a tour of our 10 acres to my friend Courtney a while back, who writes a Montana style blog called 114° west (www.114-west.comas Whitefish sits at 114 degrees longitude). As a style blogger in my former life, the fashionista in me envies Courtney for her ability to put together stylish yet incredibly Montana-esque ensembles. Born and raised in Whitefish, Court is one of the most genuine women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in this new chapter in our lives. Plus, her outfit in these photos is the perfect compliment for fall in the northwest and the changing of the season.







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I would love a Christmas tree that color! And an outfit like that! Daisy is always so photogenic, especially in that light. 🙂


🙂 I thought of you Britt– these are not as awesome as a pink Xmas tree, but maybe a close second! Ha!


Great photos! Hope to see you guys soon!


Thanks Abby! What are you up to this weekend?!


Courtney is my granddaughter and we also live in the Flathead Valley in Columbia Falls. She is a very energetic person and does real well with her Blog. We think she is affine line from the best and very pretty !!!


Hi Ron! Thanks for reading 🙂 I have loved getting to know Courtney… She is fantastic, and such a great subject to photograph! -Mollie


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