Fun with visitors in Whitefish

Before we headed east this week, Sean and I welcomed our friend Russ and his father, Bob, who came to visit Whitefish. We were pretty excited to show them around… the last time we were in Whitefish with Russ was on the Travel Queen adventure last summer, on the same day we realized that something was seriously seriously wrong with our motorhome.

I’ll never forget that day.

On just our fifth day together, spirits were still high and we truly felt that we would make it to Alaska, no problem. On this particular day, we were on our way to do an educational presentation at a school in Kalispell, Montana on sustainable living and adventure travel/goal setting.  After spending the day in Missoula getting a new injector and getting ready for the presentation (which I posted about here), we drove up the windy dirt road to the school… we were coming up a huge hill and just when we thought our problems with the TQ were solved, the cabin started to fill with her signature smoke and we had to pull over. (And pulling over is relative… the TQ is so big and stubborn we more so just pulled slightly to the side, filling 3/4 of the road with our solar powered/grease veggie fueled motorbeast.)

It was our first true moment of crisis. I’ll never forget the sinking feeling I had that something was terribly wrong. Would we make it to Alaska? But there wasn’t time to answer that question. We had a presentation to put on. We strategized that Russ and Britt would stick with the TQ and troubleshoot, and Sean and I would hitch a ride up the next few miles to the school and put on the presentation solo. We arrived, extremely jittery and thrown off after that incident… then, mid-presentation, after summarizing why the Busby’s were on the TQ journey, JUST when we were starting to talk about Russ and Britt, the motorhome literally hauled ASS into the parking lot, screeched to a halt (which we could see happen in the big picture windows behind our audience) and Britt bolted inside to complete the Hopkins part of the presentation. Needless to say, Russ stayed outside to nurse the TQ back to a somewhat “healthier” state so we could limp into town afterward.


The kids at the school were a great audience, and we had fun showing them a bit about how Greasecars work.


But that evening, hearts heavy, we drowned a few sorrows with beer, ping ping and bluegrass music at The Great Northern Bar & Grill. Now, a year (and a new transmission and a 32-day successful Alaskan TQ adventure) later, we’re proud to call ourselves locals in this town!

One of the first places we took Russ and Bob was up the lift at Whitefish Mountain Resort. We took the chairlift up and took in the amazing views of Flathead Valley, Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. We may be a backcountry couple, but MAN our resort is pretty incredible in Whitefish.


Russ and his dad, Bob, were keen to try the Alpine Slide, too.



Later in the week, we hit up the Brewery in town for some shuffleboard and darts…


Followed by a stint on a rental boat from The Lodge/Marina at Whitefish Lake. Russ tried wakeboarding for his first time (and naturally went all out—pretty much mastered it, first time). After we convinced his dad to try it, Russ provided some demo lessons of what he had learned:


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Can we do this fun stuff when I visit?? 🙂


YES!!!! Totally!


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