Lets Make Moves

For 28 days, I’ve accepted the challenge to write every day. Find more on my motives here. See how far I’ve come here.


If there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s getting my way. When I want something, I have an uncanny way of getting it. No, seriously—I’m not sure you understand. It’s to a point where I focus on that one thing with all my energy. It occupies every thought I have… I’m constantly scheming about how I can get said “thing” and I won’t let up until I get it. It’s as if there is divine intervention at the very critical moment and then BAM. I get my “thing” and realize I knew all along I was meant to have it. [Insert obvious “That’s what she said,” comment.]

Sure, this talent can be applied to material possessions such as handbags, clothing, music, apps… I actually could apply my principle to Sean, too. On the day we met, it was like I knew. My world began to revolve around being closer to him because that was what I knew was meant to happen. Perhaps my decisive nature stems from my Type A-personality. Perhaps I’m just really in tune with divine intervention and my purpose here. Perhaps I’m just slightly crazy.

Aren’t we all?

Then, there was the moment we decided we were moving to Montana. I’ve written about that moment before—as we stood, yelling into the San Rafael Swell in Utah, so angry that we’d never get to the place we wanted to be… and then, as soon as we changed our attitudes—believing we really would move to Montana some day—it was as if every step we took was deliberately placed there for us to take… getting us one step closer. Now, here we are, living in our home in Montana, with a view of Glacier National Park to boot.

I’m not writing about this today to brag… rather, I’m writing about this in honor of this whole writing project. In honor of having determination. In honor of all those people out there (yeah, you!) who wish they had something—or someone—in their life, but fear they will never get it. Make a decision to fear less, and do more. Make moves to get to that place—however small, silly, massive or direct those moves may be. At least you’ll be going in the right direction.

And hey, if you never start, you’ll never get there. Here’s to making moves.

The following are a few photos from a recent climbing trip where we made some serious moves at Lake Koocanusa with our friends, Megan and Noah. This particular climb is called Room With a View. That behemoth of an RV on the right with antlers fastened to its side mirrors is our beloved Travel Queen.


#DaisyTheWeim makes moves too, as we enjoy our Crazy Creek loungers:IMG_2397

Staying charged, thanks to Goal Zero’s Sherpa 50.IMG_2416


Me, clearly making extremely graceful moves as I navigate my way under a massive ledge—please note my SMILE:IMG_2473

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