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A friend recently commented that she wished the “Universe” spoke to her more. I’m always spouting off The Universe-this, and The Universe-that… so I wrote, “The Universe is always speaking to you… you just have to listen!” And while I understand some people, like this friend, need a “brick to the head” version (her words!), I thought today would be a great day to explain how I “tune in.”

For my analytics out there, straight up: There’s no way to prove something is a “sign” or a “message” from the Universe, or God, or whatever you prefer to deem a higher conscious. There’s no formula, no fool-proof set of rules, and usually, no one to tell you you’re “right.” That’s all internal. Yep, it’s all on you. So then what’s the purpose? For me: Piece of mind. Having confidence in myself and finding reassurance in my surroundings that I’m being watched over, and that I’m following the path that was set out for me.

To tune in, I am vigilant, but in an open-minded, things-pop-into-your-head-for-a-reason sort of way. What in your life makes you feel good? And when you’re doing that, what pops into your head? For me, that involves being active, gathering inspiration, and writing. Usually, there are thoughts swirling around in my head—ideas that come to me that I need to pursue (even the wild and crazy dreams). When I have an a-ha moment that makes me feel good, I write it down, and it becomes real—even if the outcome of the goal is months or even years down the road.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I can’t judge the thoughts that come into my head. I know our Instagram feed makes it look like everything is “white picket fence” over here in Montana, but the Busbys have their hard days too. There have been days I’ve had epiphanies that weren’t so easy to write about: “you need to quit your job,” or “something in your life has got to give,” or “so-and-so in your life needs help.” But overall, most days are positive. The trick is sorting through the crap (you need to lose weight, you’re not beautiful enough, you suck at your job, blah blah DON’T LISTEN TO THAT) to get to—as our friend Chloe would say—the tender, juicy nuggets of inspiration.

For a more “brick-to-the-head” version, I find that wherever I go, and in times of stress or worry, I see eagles and hawks. I see them, and in my heart I just know—instantly—that whatever I’m doing, wherever I am, everything is going to be OK and I’m right where I should be. Could it be a coincidence that everywhere I go, I happen to trudge through bird territory? Yes. (Insert crazy bird lady jokes.) But does it feel more warm fuzzy to feel comforted when I see them? Sure does. I snapped a photo of a Bald Eagle on a recent bike ride. Good thing iPhone-ing isn’t illegal on a bike… yet.


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Heidi Sweeney
June 7, 2013 12:05 pm

Thank you! xoxo


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