Norway Expedition Part 2: Skiing! Amongst other things…

When people ask, “Why Norway?” my answer is simple: To ski! But I’m not sure I made it clear exactly how much skiing we’d be doing on this trip. We’ve been in the Lyngen Alps for five full days so far, and we’ve backcountry skied all five days. I’m happy to report I’m blister-free (*knocks on wood*) and happy to earn my turns in the amazing weather we’ve had!

Before I get to some photos, worth noting is that a few days ago, Cassie tweaked her knee and Andy developed some gnarly blisters on both feet. They sat out a day to heal, which is why there are so many photos of just Chloe, Sean and I from the past few days. The whole team was back out on the snow today though (photos coming soon), and feeling better and adequately duct taped!

Cassie and Sean, checking out the map on night one, planning for the following day:


A hike up… this was actually taken around 11pm—when the sun always shines, there’s no time to sleep!


There are times when you mistakenly take a route back to the car that involves some hiking… skis on, skis off!IMG_0154

Looks like this ship won’t be sailing anytime soon:
Checking out the map before an adventure:IMG_0285

Yep, those are reindeer! They’re sort of like deer are in Wisconsin, or kangaroos in Australia. Of course, we pulled the car over like tourists and snapped some photos:IMG_0316


Sean, on another decent:IMG_0352

Chloe, ripping through some pow… er, crust: IMG_0380

Me, glowing in my neon jacket and board shorts (yes, the weather is appropriate enough for shorts—WOO!):

Checking out some weathered barns with grass on top:

This gas station ketchup squeeze jar for quick and easy hot dog dressing fashioned like a cow’s teet might be one of Chloe’s favorite parts of Norway.IMG_9657

As I said before, there’s been a lot of wild and crazy weather out here in the past months. Here’s the crew, watching Sean as he digs a snow stability test pit:IMG_9701

This explains a lot about the two of them:

Love this shot:IMG_0570

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Reminder: Add ketchup “teet” to food truck!
Fantastic pics gang……….Glad to see you are wearing your helmets!


Reminder: Add ketchup “teet” to home kitchen!
Great blog & pics.


What kind of camera do you use? The pics are beautimous!


Hi Chelle, we just use a rebel t2i and have invested in lenses to fit our needs


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