Off to ski with some Vikings

Tomorrow (Sunday), Sean and I are Norway-bound with a group of friends to ski/snowboard the Lyngen Alps–located above the arctic circle. We’re stoked to have three others joining in the adventure… heres a little bit about each so you know who we’re talking about for the next two weeks:

First up, meet Chloe:


Yep, that’s actually her in the photo. Chloe Vance is like the Sean Busby of Canada. Not saying she’s manly, but rather, like Sean, when it comes to skiing/snowboarding and pushing type 1 diabetes to new heights (literally), Chloe is bad ass. As the founder of Canada’s Connected In Motion (like Riding On Insulin for adults in Canada), Chloe spends much of her time running the public charity and planning a slew of outdoor programs to support adults—like herself—living with type 1 diabetes in Canada. During the summer, Chloe is a river guide for Canadian River Expeditions and leads hard core canoe trips to the most remote regions of Canada alongside her husband (who is equally bad ass and sadly, not coming on this trip) Rob.

Meet Andy:


Andrew Meehan is a professional photographer who resides in Salt Lake City. A former competitive ski athlete, Andy has taken his skiing/photo/video career to amazing places… namely the 2012 Banff Mountain Film Festival (yep, that happened). Andy’s photos have been featured in all sorts of great places… we’re stoked to him, his photo/video skills, and his dry humor as a part of this trip. You can view other works of Andy’s on his website, HERE.

Meet Cassie:


Last but certainly not least is Cassie Davis. Cassie met Sean at a competition in early 2013 in Sun Valley, Idaho. Sean was sporting his extremely good-looking, red Riding On Insulin hoodie and Cassie—a competitive snowboarder and part of the Westminster Snowboard Team in Salt Lake City—rode up to him and connected immediately because she, too has type 1 diabetes. After flying out to a camp and volunteering her time mere weeks later, we knew Cassie was a keeper. With a number of high marks on her record for snowboarding (Above: Third place finish in Women’s Slopestyle at USASA National Championships!) and a easy-going attitude for pretty much everything, we’re excited to welcome Cassie on this trip.

And then, there’s the Busbys… you can always read about us on our bio page, HERE. Stay tuned for frequent updates from this crazy trip! Part one, another epic journey: Denver > Minneapolis > Amsterdam > Oslo (Norway) > Tromsø (Norway). Four flights… no big deal!


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Wish you all a safe, fun and adventurous expedition! I’m sure you all will cherish the memories for ever!

Amarie at
May 7, 2013 9:26 pm

This trip sounds amazing. Wish I were with y’all!


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