Driving in Kyrgyzstan

Sean and I found that driving in Kyrgyzstan—no matter the length of the trip—was always an adventure. The photos in this post were taking en route from Karakol to Bishkek before we flew down to the southern part of the country. So many obstacles!

In this first photo, please take note of the oncoming traffic, the traffic going our direction and the width of the road. I had the front seat for this experience—all you can do is pray that the universe will tip the cards in your favor…  and then snap a photo to remember the “fun”!


These are typical Kyrgyz cemeteries… notice the large and very intricate headstones.


Sean was adamant that I snap a photo of this sign. He thinks the bigger guy is punching the little guy. I, however, believe the big guy is tickling the little guy and the little guy is all, “Hahaha LAY OFF I’VE GOT PLACES TO GO.”


Roadside vendors in yurts selling their wares—mostly honey.


I consider eagles, hawks and other large birds to be somewhat of a totem animal in my life. I see them everywhere—especially when on adventures. This guy hovered next to our car for a long time and I was excited to actually capture him in a photo. Whenever they fly by I always feel a sense of calm—this was no exception (and a very welcome, comforting feeling!).


No SUV, no problem! Strap your new couch to the roof. Why didn’t I think of that?



Livestock rule the roads in Kyrgyzstan…


Sanding the icy roads:


Epic pollution as we were pulling into Bishkek. It was almost painful to breathe that night before we flew out. We were grateful we didn’t have to stay more than one night in that mess!



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Karen Bushnell
April 21, 2013 2:08 pm

Wow! I love it. Brings back memories of my adoption trip to Kazahstan in 2001. But there was no way I was going to drive in that country!! You are very brave. I’m going to try to bookmark your site. I was given the link by Mary Lou Busby (I work in SAUSD and am the single adoptive mama of two daughters – Kazakhstan and China). Blessings to you!


Hi Karen! Thanks for checking out the website… we love bringing back memories for folks who’ve been to the region… (and we’re pretty sure Mary Lou is our biggest fan—so glad she passed along the web address!) Best to you! —Mollie & Sean


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