What some would call lies—and what I call “good stuff”

As a blogger, I’m naturally interested in stories. I tell stories all the time. Like yesterday’s story? Pretty revealing. If we’re being totally honest here, I actually feel super exposed after putting out the phrase, “tire around my midsection that haunts my reflection in the mirror” into the universe. But for me—no matter how naked I feel to the “outside” world, writing is therapeutic. And the method to my madness is words, or rather type. On the interweb. Recently, I got to thinking about another form of therapeutic storytelling: Podcasts. Specifically, a type 1 diabetes podcast that doesn’t focus on diabetes at all, but rather, is created by a cool guy who happens to have type 1 diabetes. (Wow. Stumbling around in the SEO world for a second. Sorry about that.)

I got an email from Mike Lawson about a diabetes-related thing the other day (we run in similar circles—Mike, and I). So, in a fit of interweb daydreaming, I clicked a link, clicked some more links, and found my way to his YouTube page—a place I never knew existed! I clicked play on a webisode called “Diabetes Is and Diabetes Isn’t.” (I clicked for obvious reasons—there as so many common myths about type 1 diabetes.) Funny stuff—I will include it below because everyone should see it.

Then, in the spirit of more mindless clicking, I saw another link, clicked that, got to his page “What Some Would Call Lies” and clicked play on a weekly podcast—just out of curiosity. And I’m no podcast connoisseur, but I really dig what he’s got going on. Mike is an honest guy living with type 1, and he tells stories about the world as he sees it. Podcasts like this remind me that life doesn’t revolve around Mollie (all the time, anyway). Gajillions of people are living their lives out there with their own successes, troubles, triumphs and stories. Mike is one of those people.

Plus, I like the sound of his voice. Probably a good thing considering he’s in the business of telling stories. Click here to hear Mike’s podcasts.

Click below to play Mike’s catchy video about what exactly type 1 diabetes is… and what it isn’t. In response to diabetes comments we hear, someone actually said to me, “My brother has diabetes… but just a little bit.” Those clips are SPOT ON!

Rock on, Mike.

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