The Next Busby Adventure: Kyrgyzstan

Not a day goes by without Sean and I questioning why we decided to take a trip to Kyrgyzstan. We knew we wanted to take a backcountry ski/snowboard expedition to Asia, and it would have been so easy to go someplace like Japan—but easy isn’t always the route we take. One thing is for sure: Kyrgyzstan won’t be “easy.”

Located in central Asia below Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan was known a few years back for the revolution they were going through. Today, the country is the first democratic nation in central Asia (perhaps the only?), and although they are still figuring things out we’ve heard incredible things from the folks we’ve spoke to who’ve traveled there, and skied there.

As always, our trip incorporates an element of outreach. We are bringing over ski/snowboard goodies to give to the local villagers to promote winter sports, as well as things (Osprey Packs, Goal Zero, Adventure Medical Kits, Spark R&D etc.) for backcountry guides, as we will be helping them understand avalanche awareness and safe backcountry travel techniques.

Here’s me, waiting in line for Aeroflot Airlines with the mountain of Osprey bags:


Once we set our sights on the destination (the country is 95% mountainous—what more could we ask for?) Sean went about contacting every person he could find that had traveled to Kyrgyzstan. He has gathered so much information for this trip and we feel so fortunate to be hooked up with the “right crowd” rather than go at it on our own. Although I’m sure there will be questionable parts, aren’t there always when you travel internationally? We feel informed and smart about the folks we’re traveling with and the families—yes, families—we’re staying with.

Today, we have a 12.5 hour flight from JFK to Moscow and then another four hour flight to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Not sure how we’ll pass the 10 hour layover we have in Moscow, but hopefully I can provide another update then.

As always, it will be an adventure we’ll never forget. Stay tuned!

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