Think Thankful:’s Jessica Apple Writes on Life in Tel Aviv

I don’t have a long post for today, but what I do have is something that should make us all a little more thankful. A few times a month, I write for from the perspective of a wife of someone with diabetes. (Who thought my role could have such a strong point of view!). So while I’m sitting here writing about this, Jessica and Michael—the founders of the website are living in Tel Aviv, where they set up shop with their family 15 years ago. Air raid sirens constantly ring through the air in a city once considered a “bubble” from the ever-present Israel Gaza conflict.

Jessica and Michael, of A

In one paragraph of her personal essay in Slate today, she says, “So here we go again: Gaza is being smashed, southern Israel is under constant rocket fire, and in Tel Aviv, where I live, our urban, secular bubble is bursting with every air-raid siren. The reserve-duty-age men are all gone. Some stores and businesses are closed. And at home, instead of talking about soccer games and homework, we’re talking about missiles.”

I’m no news buff—that’s Sean’s role in our relationship. But it doesn’t take a news buff to be interested in the heightening conflict that is happening across the world in Israel. So today, I ask that you read Jessica’s piece in Slate, by clicking here. If not for a genuine interest in Israel Gaza conflict, read it for an awareness about what life is like in Tel Aviv today. I think we can all send a few good vibes their way, and in the same breath—be grateful for the relative peace we have here in the United States.

Thank you, Jessica for sharing your story!

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