Goal Zero: Lighting up the devastation from Hurricane Sandy

If you’re a regular reader, you know that the majority of my posts center on the things in my life that I find inspirational. Today’s post is about a company Sean and I wholeheartedly believe in, doing something for the better good—for hurricane relief on the east coast. In light of the darkness many families are experiencing, Goal Zero is going the extra mile to help victims of Hurricane Sandy keep the lights on the same way we operate devices in the Travel Queen: With solar power.

For starters, Goal Zero is just a cool company. When you walk through their eco-conscious doors, a rock climbing wall greets you on your right, while solar charging stations for electronic devices await you in the waiting area. Their employees are light-hearted, socially and environmentally conscious, and incredibly educated on the benefits of solar power. During a time when mainstream media reports on “Green Company” after “Green Company” tanking during troubling economic times, Goal Zero is booming—and why? Because they make solid products. And, because they’re just good people. When rumors started to spread about the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the Goal Zero crew made a conscious decision to help people keep the lights on by providing hurricane relief in the best way they know how.

From November 1 to Monday, November 15, Goal Zero is implementing “You Buy One, We Give One.” They are keeping track of purchases of their products from participating retailers and their online store (found here!), and matching the same amount, dollar for dollar in the form of Goal Zero products to the hurricane relief efforts. And they’re not just shipping their products into the abyss; Four GZ employees are currently out on the East Coast, doling out the goods and lending a hand on the ground, where help is needed most.

An article from The Examiner on Nov. 2nd, President and CEO of Goal Zero, Joe Atkin said, “Not only are we going to deliver power to people in need, we’re also giving the opportunity for everyone, everywhere to be a power of good by contributing to the relief effort. You will be contributing to products that help run lights, enable communication, and give vital power needed to operate medical saving devices.”

As I said: Not only is this a great cause, but this is a great company, with exceptional products. Sean and I use a Yeti 1250 to power everything in our Travel Queen, and we frequently use their smaller solar panels to power our electronics in the backcountry. If you’ve been contemplating jumping on the solar power bandwagon, today is your day. If you’ve never considered solar but want to help those on the East Coast, this is a great way to help those folks AND help the environment AND your electric bill—we can all do our part. Every little bit counts.

My thoughts and well-wishes go out to everyone feeling the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

For more information on Goal Zero and campaign, visit their website by clicking here.

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