A little political comedy for Election Day, 2012!

In honor of today’s election and the highly anticipated outcome, I am going to refrain from making a political statement. Instead, I would like to provide some political comedy to make you laugh—because really, if you’ve voted, which you should, the outcome is out of your hands at this point. Rather than sitting in front of the TV waiting, you should sit in front of your computer and watch all the Bad Lip Reading YouTube videos. And then share them with your colleagues (because I know you—you’re reading this from work! GOTCHA!)

There are tons of these (including one on Obama that’s particularly dirty, and one on Paul Ryan that makes him appear like a young boy—hilarious) and they take videos of political (and popular) figures, erase the audio and given them new dialog that is synchronized with their moving lips. Some statements are gibberish, and some makes for seriously funny one-liners. These three were my favorite, shown here in alphabetical order by last name.

Favorite quote from Joe Biden: “Nobody ever gets caramels hands. Cause caramel hands are for terror.”

Favorite quote from Mitt Romney: “I bought two zebras, and tamed a parrot named Mr. Future.”

And here’s the true beauty. “Like that waterbuffalo… stuffed!”
“I don’t want to touch sandpaper.” “I like the whiz!”


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