Actively pursuing the balance

I get this a lot: Your life is so interesting! You’re so lucky that you get to travel and do all these cool things! The answer is yes. I feel extremely fortunate for my job and my lifestyle and the ability to be mobile. I’ve been in California for the past week, and just last night, flew to Portland for some meetings in the Pacific Northwest. When I return to California, Sean and I will spend Thanksgiving in southern Utah, and then head back home for a week or so before the first Riding On Insulin camp of the season hits and BAM! Back to Portland, off to Southern California again, and then flying to Wisconsin before the holidays.

Fortunate, yes. Perfectly balanced? No.

This past week has been a whirlwind of emailing, to-do-list-crossing-off, and to-do-list-creation. I have so many ideas and things to do that I am consistently finding myself overwhemled. Better to be overwhelmed than with not enough options, but STILL. It gets hard.

I wanted to write about this today, because as I was stepping into the shower at my hotel here, I started thinking about my whole room—they’d put me in a handicap accessible room. There are bars all over the bathroom, and a wide walkway to the bed. I actually called down to reception and told them I didn’t need this big of a room if they had a King size bed somewhere else.

But this room has a purpose. There is always someone who has it harder than me. Always. WAY harder in most cases. Take yesterday for example. It was World Diabetes Day. A “celebration” that spreads awareness for one of the most manageable diseases out there, and yet still one of the most debilitating diseases when it comes to lifestyle. Do you count every single carb that passes your lips? Do you know the ratio of insulin you should have versus carbs? Do you have to think about how exercise has an effect on the hormones in your body? (Many of you from the T1D community might have said yes, as a parent or PWD yourself!) But to the rest of you? No. You don’t. You don’t have to do any of those things if you don’t want to, and I don’t either. I don’t need this handicap room, but it has proven to be my necessary reminder.

No matter how hard my BioChemistry, Microbiology and Anatomy/Physiology gets… no matter how many long days of school, work and life I put in, there is always someone else who has to work harder to do the same things I do. Always.

So am I fortunate? Yes, I am. I’m actively pursuing a life balance where I remember that when times get tough. Being able to balance the travel with school and work—making sure I’m giving attention where attention is due. And oh yeah—I’m married! I have a relationship with a man I love that requires attention and gratitude. And perhaps it’s those relationships that matter the most. Don’t forget the people you life with… and don’t forget the friends who support you. When you think about someone randomly, send them a text saying you did. Sit down and have coffee with a friend. Share your frustrations and your fears. We are not in this alone, and in times when it really gets hard to push forward, you need someone to lean on.

And above all else? When you need help, ask for it. To me, I consistently ask God, the universe, life forces—whatever you want to call it—because I believe I have them by my side through this journey. I ask them constantly… it’s just a matter of remembering that they do answer, and they are helping. I am so grateful for that assistance.

Lots of big thoughts for this lovely Thursday morning, huh? Hope your brain didn’t explode with inspiration. And if it did, just pick up the pieces, put them back in, and strive for that balance. Remember you’re fortunate to have what you do, you’re not alone, and life doesn’t have to be so hard… ask for help when you need it!


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