Bloggy Bootcamp Las Vegas: So. Freaking. Awesome.

So many of you have probably considered blogging at some point in your life. Perhaps you have some opinions you think the world needs to hear. Or maybe your overbearing mom in Arizona is begging you to post pictures of her grandchildren. OR, maybe you just think you’re awesome and the world should know your opinons about life, love and the adventures you have with your husband and your Weimaraner. (Which is totally valid.)

Well, little do you know—there is a tribe of women in this world who are really “working” the blogging sector and making their livlihood from this business. I’ve always said that my blog will be a success in my lifetime (meaning, putting money into our savings account while simultaneously funding my education and funding the non-existant shopping budget I currently have). I am proud to say that I have a newfound gumption after spending a day with the SITS gals at Bloggy Bootcamp Las Vegas.

This event is amazing. The energy in the room is palpable. Each speaker that Tiffany Romero and Fran Banducci (the event organizers) hand selected for this event was SPOT ON with what I needed to hear in regards to my online potential. A lot of people in real life (as opposed to internet life—because I have one of each) think that I’m CRAZY for thinking I can make something of this, but you know what? When you get in a room of women who believe, it’s like magic. Pure magic with fairy dust floating around in the air, sunshine, rainbows, kittens and puppies. (WHAT. Is that not what magic looks like to you?)

Bloggy Bootcamp is a program under the overarching community called SITS. SITS is a community of women bloggers, and the acronym stands for The Secret to Success is Support. They embody the philosophy is when one person in our online community does well, we all do well—that girl raises the standards that all of us now work toward, which is a good thing. There were so many incredible women at this retreat at the South Point hotel in Vegas… from those who hadn’t even started their blog, to those who are making six-figures from their online commitment. And everyone in the room had the same goal—to stick together as women in the online community. It’s like finding a huge tribe of support in one room. Here are some highlights from the Bloggy Bootcamp Las Vegas.

The South Point Hotel, beckoning me with its glare in the morning Las Vegas sunshine.

bloggy bootcamp vegas SITS (4)

This is Tina Herold of Wigged Out. She spoke about her participation with “Warriors In Pink.” As a 6-year cancer survivor, Tina is an advocate through Ford’s Warriors in Pink program and speaks out about surviving breast cancer and how she runs a wig fitting business currently. Also worth nothing: I was lucky enough to win a Warriors in Pink raffle prize (Woohoo for winning free stuff! That never happens!).

bloggy bootcamp vegas SITS (3)

Love these custom canvas boards from Jewel Kade

bloggy bootcamp vegas SITS (2)

Trina Finton was one of the morning speakers who talked about the best tools to make your blogging life easier. I valued her tips, apps and websites for optimizing your blog and making sure you work smarter, not harder.

bloggy bootcamp vegas SITS (1)

Huge thank you to Maggie from Freezer Meals for Us—how cute and organized is this idea for conferences? I have a stack of business cards that is so unmanageable right now—if I had only brought a ring and a hole punch… imagine the possibilities.

This is Tiffany (left) and Fran (right)—the faces behind SITS. They were everything I’d imagined and more. Tiffany’s camp-director-personality is SO in line with how I act on a daisy basis, and I appreciate how Fran is her emotional compliment. Tiffany is loud and proud and Fran is more subdued but equally as powerful in her role. They make an incredible duo—and I love how this photo captures their personalities.

Life advice and life lessons…

On the left here is Laurie Turk, the incredibly successful founder of Tip Junkie. This woman knows what a business model is like the back of her hand. Her tips were INVALUABLE. She spoke first in the morning, and after her hour-long presentation, I was officially convinced I had earned my $99 conference fee. The day just got better from there. On the right is Gigi Ross from Kludgy Mom. Gigi is also an incredibly savvy business woman and I really related to her on a freelance level, as that’s a reality in my life.

This is Danielle Liss—cat-lover and legal whizz in the blogosphere. She provided eye-opening information about the legal concerns as a blogger. Moral of the story—always take and use your own pictures!

And this is my new BFF Liz Jayne Liu (yep, I went there). Liz is a blogger at Flourish In Progress, and if you want my honest opinion, I’ll give it: Liz. Is. Awesome. She’s like my modern-day Dooce with less mom-focus (although she is a mom) and more of a hard-rock, tatto-loving, thug-life edge. Yes, I just said thug life on The Mollie Shambeau Show. And you’re probably all LOOK AT HER DON’T YOU WANT TO JUST BOTTLE HER UP AND KEEP HER IN YOUR POCKET FOR A RAINY DAY. Yes. Liz is not only adorable, and pocket size, but her demeanor and her positive message really resonated with me, about always challenging yourself to become better, braver, and to stay on the lookout for things that compliment the most unique, honest, authentic YOU. Who cares what the haters think? Really, in the end: Do what makes you happy. And for that moment… or, er…. hour? Liz’s story made me happy. I plan to read her blog on a regular basis, which by default makes me part of her gang.

Speaking of the haters… I love this quote:

And then, as I was reflecting on all this amazing, female you rah rah awesomeness on yesterday morning, I was greeted by this gorgeous sunrise over Lake Las Vegas. Life is good. Make it a great week, everyone!

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Thank you for the lovely shout-out! Glad you enjoyed the conference. Tiffany and Fran always do a fabulous job. Your pictures really captured the essence of the day!

TiffanyRom {SITSGirls}
October 15, 2012 2:41 pm


I totally have a crush on you.


You were just such a pleasure to have and I am so glad you put your name on that ticket! How funny was it when you won?

This is such a wonderful post – thank you for taking the time to share your experience!

And, please talk to me in twitter! 😉


Yay for blog crushes! The feeling is mutual 😉 I just saw all these comments from people at the conference, and it’s such a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you for all you do… if there was any way I could get to the Chicago conference, I would. I literally want to come to EVERY ONE. I’m going to be “that girl.” Like: Who’s that? Oh…. that’s Mollie…she comes to every conference (wamp wamp wamp).

Thanks again! (And yes, I am trying to be more active on Twitter thanks to BBC!)

Suzanne @ The Wine{a}be
October 15, 2012 3:57 pm

Ok, that was Awesome! You hit it all…spot on!! It was so great meeting you there! Hope to get to know you more! Cheers!


You brought me back to all the great moments on Saturday. Thanks for such a spot on description of how wonderful the BBCVEGAS Tribe is!


Thanks so much Tiffany!


Great post! Thanks for capturing an awesome event is such a descriptive way. Felt I was there (oh, wait; I was there!).

October 16, 2012 8:51 pm

I LOVE that picture of Tiffany and Fran!
And the ring and hole punch idea for business cards…GENIUS. I’ve been carrying around a pouch for all of the cards, but I’m always afraid a few will get lost in the shuffle. No more!



Since my new BFF is a thug, does that make me a *little* more bad ass in life? I feel empowered just thinking about it….


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