Salt Lake Power Yoga—a new favorite studio!

So if you’ve ever done yoga before, you might agree that one of the hardest parts is keeping your thoughts, worries and inhibitions OUT of your head while you’re trying to focus. I find this task particularly difficult. I hear all the time how I should focus on my breathing if I’m get distracted, but lets be honest—that can last 30 seconds until a thought creeps in my head again. I go back and forth but sometimes my thoughts are too abundant, or I’m checking out my neighbor’s yoga outfit, or the flies in the studio are flocking to my sweaty body and SMACK. Yes. I murder flies in yoga class.

But, I’m happy to report I’m making progress on my focus—and all it took was the right music!

Last week, I caught a morning yoga class at a new studio in Salt Lake called Salt Lake Power Yoga. I have to tell you: This was one of my most favorite classes I’ve ever taken. The instructor, Jen, announced before class that she was particularly in love with her playlist—she said she hoped we like it too. I was skeptical—what did she mean? It wasn’t long before I got it: She played actual music. It was the first time I’d taken a class with an actual playlist. Think: John Lennon—Imagine, Cyndi Lauper—Time After Time, Moby, Bob Marley—sounds pretty varied, but you guys: It was JUST WHAT I NEEDED. I was more focused during that class than I’ve ever been before. The music effectively silenced my thoughts. And although there weren’t any flies in the studio—if there had been, they would have lived to see another day.

Plus, our view from the studio wasn’t so bad either:

I appreciated that everything about SLC Power Yoga was vibrant and welcoming. The standout wall in the studio:

Salt Lake Power Yoga

The door heading into the building…

The lobby…

The whole experience was awesome. I asked Jen to share her playlist, which I immediately downloaded on Spotify. Check it out:


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I can not believe that you got to go to the new studio before I did….I am so jealous 😉 I have met Jen on a number of occasions at various yoga events and have taken one of her classes. She is fantastic! I am uber excited to finally have a REAL Baron Baptiste studio in SLC. There is one in PC as well you should check out, Tadasana Yoga.


Kara!! It was based on your suggestion (which I heard through Britt) that I actually went. She told me you were excited about SLPY. So technically, you get the credit for my newfound love 🙂 Hope all is well–see you soon, and thanks for reading!


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