We are the Outsiders

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Sometimes, when you live a life on-the-go, people ask you how it’s even possible. How do Sean and I travel around the world, invest in a 1977 motor home, make a nonprofit viable, stay sane and financially fit—AND foster our relationship through it all? The answer is simple: We just do. That’s the life we want. We’re not your suburban sit-in-an-office-all-day type of couple. If that’s you, then that’s great! But the reality for us is that compared to the majority of people working the daily grind, we are the outsiders. And that’s how we intend to keep it.

I love this song by NEEDTOBREATHE called “The Outsiders” because it’s all about not living your life by someone else’s standards. Maybe a life on the go would make you tired, stressed, and motivated to punch your husband in the face—OK! Not for you! Live your life for you, stop keeping track of what other people think, and own up to your decisions and your goals. Remember when you were 13 and nothing mattered more in life than going to the mall on Saturday with your friends and spending $20 on a new plastic, see-through backpack from The Deb? (No? Just me?) Yeah. Life is short—it seems like I was 13 just yesterday, but in reality, that was 13 years ago! I’m 26—and I’m not getting any younger, yo.

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