Bike Prom

You know what? Theme parties never go out of style. As someone who spent the greater part of her childhood playing “dress up,” I still love costuming and being silly as much as I did back then—I just wish I’d kept all my costumes. You can’t imagine how many times I wish I had my cutoff denim vest, or those silver sequined bell-bottoms…


I’m so proud to say it’s that time of year again: The bi-annual theme party. First, there was a “Ninjas vs. Pirates” party… followed by a “Superheroes that Didn’t Make It” party. And, you may remember the epic “People of Walmart” party from last spring (Click here to experience its glory). This season, we are proud bring you: BIKE PROM, 2012—where your own interpretation is the name of the game. No need to go out and shop for a bicycle—just use a bit of imagination! There were so many varied, creative takes on “Bike Prom,” that I have to share a few.

I will start with Sean and I. We based our costumes off what Google told us to do. We discovered that at most bike proms, people’s outfits have a hipster feel. Sean opted for his already appropriate glasses, a tuxedo dress shirt, denim capris, Toms shoes, a bow tie and messenger cap. I brought out a feathered headband, patterned tights, checkered scarf, some short Frye boots, a strapless dress, and I popped the lenses out of an old pair of Brittany’s sunglasses. Voila! Hispter chic:

We incorporated aspects of the “Bike” part, too; Sean wore fingerless bike gloves and I wore spandex underneath my dress (which was actually enjoyable because remember—I love spandex, in any capacity). We also splurged on a butanier and corsage. It made the “prom” bit more legit.

Russ and Britt—who were crowned King and Queen—went classic with a twist. Britt rocked a mohawk and a long gown. Russ’ tux was a smokin’ deal that he bought for $40 online. It came with brown pants, brown jacket, brown shirt, brown vest, and a brown bow tie—because why go monochromatic if you can’t go all out?

It seems most people went either creative-bike-prom, or simply classic prom… here, you’ll see some serious bikers on the left, and more classic prom ensembles on the right.

Other notable ensembles were the combos—classy jacket, shirt, and bowtie with bike shorts. Or, the suit with a cutoff South Park tee underneath (midriff optional). Or, one of my personal favorites (far right): The Chaperone. Complete with a bible in hand, she sported a conservative lacy dress, shawl, knee-high panty hose (you can see the tops of them) with sandals and a slip that showed beneath the hem of her dress—SO AWESOME. She and her husband walked around the party with a flashlight and a tape measure to make sure all dresses were appropriate lengths and gave out demerits for any rule breakers.

Don’t you ever wish you could go back to prom without having to actually attend a high school prom and be a chaperone? Yeah. Us, too. It was awesome.

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