Your $26 Birthday Donation

The time has finally come. On Sunday, I will turn 26-years-old.

It’s what I consider The Last Birthday Frontier. Age 26 bears the last milestone in my life that will deal with age, other than simply “getting old,” or the time-honored “turning 29” every year for the rest of my life once I actually turn 30. Soon, I am going to be responsible for getting off my parents health insurance. Yep—even after marriage, I have managed to work the system as long as I possibly can.

But you know what? That’s the funny thing about health insurance for people like Sean and I, who are self-employed and working hard to get our nonprofit organization off the ground. Even if I wanted to take out a policy for my family (Sean and I) I can’t—not even for a million dollars… because Sean has type 1 diabetes. It doesn’t matter that we’re heathy, active, and donating countless hours to putting on ski/snowboard camps for kids living with type 1 diabetes. As a family, we are not eligible to get quality health insurance on a family plan. Even worse, we’re not eligible to be a small business “group of 2” on a group plan in Utah because the laws there mandate that the “2” can’t be married. Even worse, the insurance plan for the “high-risk” pool in Utah (e.g. people like Sean who can’t get coverage) is pitiful. Luckily we’ve got a set of ideal circumstances in our favor for the time being… but that’s another story, for another time.

Without getting into too many of the nitty gritty details of the health insurance system in Utah, I will segway into your role.

For my birthday, I would like to ask you for a gift—a simple, easy $26…in honor of all the people living with type 1 diabetes who are struggling to do what they love while juggling the demands of a disease that they were BORN with. I ask you to donate $26 to the bike ride I’m doing this October in Death Valley to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Your money goes directly to JDRF—one of the biggest type 1 diabetes research funders in the nation. The money goes to helping find a cure for people like Sean, who just wants to pursue his personal goals and success without having to jump through hoops. I’ve got just under $1,000 to raise, and you can play your part, while also getting me a birthday present—it’s killing two birds with one stone! To donate, click this link and then click the red “donate to Mollie” button on the right-hand side: 


I’ll even throw in this spectacular Waupaca sunset photo I took last week at my parents’ house, because I know how pretty scenery makes people feel more generous. Thanks for your consideration and generosity… and you know what? You guys are the best readers a girl could ask for. And you’re definitely not judging me for e-flattery right now…


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