A quest through the Treasure State

In case you were wondering where the heck we are, I’ll tell you: Sean and I are currently on a camping road trip through Montana.

Why, you ask, would Sean and I would ever dream of living out of a car for two more weeks? Especially after being on the road, traveling the globe for the past three months, to Alaska and back in a 1977 motorhome, to Australia, New Zealand, and driving from Utah to Wisconsin…twice.

I guess you could call it a quest, of sorts… a quest to find that perfect place where we want to raise a family and grow old together. At 26 and 28, we’re still young… time is on our side. And yet, with our crazy winter schedule and Riding On Insulin taking off in a big way, we’ve been feeling more mobile, and we’ve officially got the itch to move out of Utah. Not tomorrow, or next month… or even six months from now. But sometime.

We know what we’re looking for—we’ve painted the perfect, mutually acceptable picture together. And after visiting Montana three times now, we have a strong hunch that “our place” is in this state.

So between Riding On Insulin email cram sessions, camp coordination, organic chemistry chapters, and blog posts, we’re hitting the pavement on a mission to find that perfect place before we have to head back to Utah and get down to business. Even if we don’t find it on this trip, we trust that when the time comes, we’ll know—and at least we’ve done our research!

Here is an awkward family photos in Red Lodge, Montana:

Daisy has discovered that there are plenty of things to sniff and hunt in Montana.

More photos outside Red Lodge… even though there was smoke in the sky from all the fires, you can’t help but appreciate the pristine beauty of this place:

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