Uncaged Rebecca, and her quest to free the world

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Funny story how I found Rebecca Tracey. On our drive back from Denver, Sean was Googling on my iPhone about all the fires in our area, and he’s like—hey, you need to look at this girl’s website. She had been climbing in Maple Canyon that weekend (which she subsequently blogged about), and I think her name popped up on Twitter and he clicked to her website and started reading me her bio. I swear, it was like—sparks were flying… in the car… through the Internet:

As a Life-Switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator, I help freedom-seeking fanatics bust out of their self-imposed cages and create lives + careers that cheerfully defy conventional logic. Ready to take your top-secret, rule-bending, crazy-town dream—and lay out a plan, to bring it to life? Let’s tell your excuses to suck it. Together.

Hello?! She’s like all the amazing things I talk about here (pursuing passions, believing in dreams, moving mountains—those things) PLUS she gives you step-by-step instructions on how to actually acheive it. None of this do yoga, be thankful, visualize happiness stuff I’m saying—she gives you real tookits, and real one-on-one sessions. All of her work is centered on one thing, and one thing only: Creating the life that you WANT to be living. I’ve never even met the girl, but we’ve emailed a few times, she loves rock climbing, her website is SUPER BRIGHT and that’s enough for me to know she’s awesome. Just sayin’. What I especially love about Becca is her personality—which comes through crystal clear on the internet. She’s one of those bloggers who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and then type that out for the Internet to read. Her writing is honest, funny, and to put it succinctly—bad-ass. Read this excerpt from her letter to new followers:

One question. And be honest:  When you want something (super-bad) do you shift your world, break the rules, and smash your own cage to create it? Kinda? Maybe? Not so much? Yeeah. We need to talk.

I’m Rebecca Tracey, creator of The Uncaged Life. As a Life-switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator, I work with a very particular slice of the humanity pie—I call my people freedom-seeking fanatics.

Freedom-seeking fanatics have a very low tolerance for unhappiness (and that’s a good thing.) They tend to quit jobs, left ‘n right, ’cause they feel stifled and drained (not surprisingly so). They long for adventures, and haven’t quite yet come to realize that adventure is everywhere. They fantasize about taking year-long sabbaticals to find their true purpose (strongly recommended). They also fantasize about setting their cubicles on fire (not highly encouraged).

Most of all, my freedom-seeking fanatics believe that they’re here for a really BIG reason—and I help them mine the glittery goldmine of their passions, uncover that really BIG reason, and alchemize it into a can’t-believe-I-get-paid-to-do-this career, and can’t-believe-I-waited-so-long-to-do-this adventure. For starters.

And here’s the funny part—my freedom-seeking fanatics? They’re already free. I’m just here to encourage, challenge & cheer ‘em along, as they start to believe it.

I think I’m pretty uncaged, but we can always be reminded that adventure is out there… everywhere! I think we all be uncaged, don’t you? Interested in getting in touch with Becca? You can find her website here: www.theuncagedlife.com. Or, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter. Or you can find her in all three places and be a stalker with good intentions, like yours truly.

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Catherine Ruddell
August 1, 2012 7:32 pm

Working with Becca you get everything you hoped for but thought was too good to be true. Read my testimonial on the Praise page of her website.

Rebecca Tracey
August 2, 2012 10:16 pm

Ahhhhhh! Mollie – thank you SO much for all your sweet words! I’m pretty sure we were meant to be friends, and I’m hoping we will cross paths on the road somewhere!

Love love love your site, and so happy to come across such a like-minded lady on a mission.

Perhaps we should co-lead a rock climbing adventure/coaching/awesomeness retreat in the future?



OMG… “rock climbing adventure/coaching/awesomeness retreat” –>that is music to my ears. LOVE that idea!


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