Days 2 through 4: Yellowstone National Park

As we’re currently on the road, I’m going to do a throwback to last weekend. Our mission was simple for that first leg of the trip: Test out the TQ while enjoying the peaceful serenity of Yellowstone National Park. There were so many things to see, patterns to photograph, and wildlife to film. The TQ handled things as best as it could with a broken transmission, and our spirits stayed high. By the time we headed out Sunday night, we felt like we’d seen the great majority of attractions in the park. Success!

Britt and I took a mile-long hike to see mystic falls…

I like this photo for its simplicity.

This was a shot from the outskirts of the Grand Prismatic… the colors were so vivid—it’s incredible that the earth just makes those bright hues on its own.

Chaos ensues when a bear is spotted off the main road. People just stop in the middle of the road, without taking care to allow the people behind them to pass—not fun when you’re in a 17,000-pound motorhome going uphill!

The aforementioned bear:

Contrary to popular belief, there is still snow in the mountains of Yellowstone… and you bet we found it! Here’s Sean securing his Spark R&D bindings to his Icelantic board with a majestic view of Yellowstone at his back:

Part of the deal was that Brittany and Russ took the TQ down to the campsite while we did some skiing… so, we had to hitch a ride back down. This was my first time hitchhiking, and I was a little nervous that no one would stop. I think it helped that I looked super bright in my Lole ski pants and rich, purple-hued Osprey Aura 50 pack.

This is Sarah. She works at Yellowstone, and she was nice enough to stop and give us a ride down to our campsite. The best part is that she wasn’t creepy—I envisioned my first time hitchhiking as a creepy experience, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Sharing the road with buffalo, no big deal…

Happy bison!

Either a coyote or a wolf—your guess is as good as mine on this one:

Walking through a geothermal hotspot, Britt and I came across this tree, that had clearly been slashed by a bear.

Good thing there are warning signs like this one (my favorite is the lady on the left):

Nature’s stripes:


Another hot spring with vivid colors:

One of my favorite things to photograph is texture, and Yellowstone provided a whole bunch of opportunities; this shot was my favorite one of the bunch:

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Hi Mollie. I am not sure if you remember me from the moving company….but I really enjoyed your pics! I grew up in Montana and it was so nice to see Yellowstone again. I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!


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