Days 16-18: Flipping my granola switch off and on

This July, I have been given the great honor of standing up in my best friend, Lisa’s wedding as the maid—er, matron of honor. (Still getting used to the fact that I’m married.) In planning her bachelorette festivities, we set a date in mid-June for a girl’s trip to Chicago… and then literally that same week, the Travel Queen came into our lives and the month of June was devoted to driving north.

What’s a girl to do when both the open road and the best friend call at the same time? Make it happen.

Thus, I took a flight Friday morning from Whitehorse (while the TQ team continued on the road to Alaska) to Vancouver, to Calgary, to Chicago for the big weekend. It was a reality check to say the least—I went from greasy hair and a winter coat to high style downtown Chicago in ninety-degree, humid weather. After I got over the initial shock and sweated my face off, I easily slid back into life as I used to know it… big city style and shopping sprees in the land of $15 cocktails. And for those 48 hours, it felt good!

It’s a funny thing, making that switch so abruptly… to go from a vegetable-oil fueled motorhome sans shower in the middle of nowhere, to a city that never sleeps where showers are abundant, even decadent when you don’t have to put in $1 for every 5 minutes of water. It made me appreciate the quiet life Sean and I have created. That’s not to say I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself in the city… we had a blast. Lunch at Riva Crabhouse on Navy Pier, dinner at Cantina Laredo, and the evening was spent in clubs like Pump Room and The Underground to continue the celebration’s debauchery. Lisa’s girlfriends are amazing—kind, funny, outgoing—and spending time with my four best girlfriends from high school (Shown below: Laura, me, Lisa, Tara and Amy) re-energizes me… these girls know me better than anyone. They are my sisters. (And that’s Laura with the belly—this fall we will welcome “our” first baby into our group of girlfriends.)

But, at the core of my being it’s city trips like this that reinforce the fact that I’m where I’m meant to be—out in Utah, or driving to Alaska, or touring remote mountains of Bulgaria, Romania, and Iceland. Sure I’ll always have a place in my heart for the city’s bright lights, but to be perfectly honest, my soul really sings out in the great unknown. It’s where blinking lights, horns and sirens are nonexistent; where you find local, small-town charm; and where you can really immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Call me granola, but for a girl that can flip the switch at a moment’s notice—at least I’m versatile!

As I sit here in my top bunk in the TQ—still in shock from being back on the road and hearing stories from the weekend’s adventures, I’m taking a moment to remember that this is where the magic happens… this is what I love, and this is where my heart is.

As for Lisa and the girls? Lets just say we had a weekend to remember. Thanks to all you ladies for making the weekend so special—and congrats my bestie, Lisa… See you in three weeks!

Lisa, and her mom, Liz:

My mom and I:

Lisa, and her girlfriends from college:

Dinner at Cantina Laredo:

Pump  Room:

Love you, Lisa!

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OMG….what wondeful photos and a recap of your weekend…..beautiful mothers and beautiful young ladies…


Thanks Kay! Hope all is well 🙂


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