Day Five: Why we’re here

Yesterday, we spoke at Summit Preparatory School in Kalispell, Montana about our adventure in the TQ and what the trip means for each of us. As we sat at a picnic table in Missoula planning our presentation, it became apparent to me that each of us—although united with a common purpose—is exploring his or her own individual passion on this journey.

For Sean, the trip satisfies his sense of adventure, and need to see new places that do something that not many people have done before. There’s also an element of snowboard/mountaineering exploration and a desire to document his journey in video, and learn about sustainability, alternative fuel, and solar power along the way.


For Russ, the trip is fulfilling a long-time goal of driving to Alaska to make his large format black and white photographs along the way. Rock climbing and the occasional chance to BMX are important too.

He and Brittany both value the alternative fuel component because it’s a lifestyle they maintain in their daily lives. Sean and I are learning quickly how intuitive the system is, and how valuable grease can be when you never have to stop at a gas station.

Grabbing grease from a sushi restaurant in Whitefish this morning.

In Brittany’s world, the entire trip is one big opportunity to learn and soak up new cultures and places. She’s the girl who reads the pamphlets, listens to the rangers, and reports back her newfound facts and discoveries to the group.

For me, this trip provides a unique opportunity to document an adventure real-time through my words and digital photography. This blog’s purpose has morphed over time—a reflection of how my own sense of purpose has developed. What began as a place to post about fashion trends has become a place where my life, loves, adventures, and inspiration are on display and hopefully inspiring others to get out and pursue their passions, however obscure and inopportune they may seem at times.

It’s that selfish desire to see the world and display the outcome—whether through video, photos, information or writing—that brings us together on this month-long journey.

And you—yeah, you out there!—I’m glad you’re coming along in spirit, and finding something worth reading here on The Mollie Shambeau Show. Keep spreading the love!

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