Day 24: Walking on a glacier

Yep, check that one off my bucket list. According to Russ and Britt’s research, Matanuska Glacier is a family-owned operation. Basically, you roll up to mile marker 102 on the Alaskan Highway, pay $20 and sign a waiver, and get to drive right up to a glacier and walk around and do whatever you want. The other glaciers we’ve seen in AK have been roped off and don’t allow people to access them. Matanuska is a free-for-all.

So we donned our YakTrax and crampons and headed off into the great unknown… Here she is, in all her glory:

Putting on crampons…

So even though it’s a glacier, which is usually synonymous with COLD, it was actually a warm summer day for hiking!

Hiking on a glacier is hard work.

It was so crazy how the temperature changed from one step to the next. By the end, I was in full-on mitten mode.

Russ and Sean, trekking through rocks, mud and ice.

We didn’t arrive back into Anchorage until midnight, but that didn’t stop our appetite. The Moose’s Tooth is EXACTLY what we needed—pizza and beer. If you ever visit Anchorage, I think we would all agree that you would be remiss if you didn’t pay this restaurant a visit. Their pizzas are incredibly innovative but they don’t sacrifice taste for creativity. AND they feature a slew of different brews from Broken Tooth Brewing Company, which we found quite tasty. We even ate there the following night—IT WAS THAT GOOD!


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