Day 15: Why I ski

I think it’s the challenge that hooked me most on skiing. It’s the challenge of looking at a line, and clenching my abs before I drop in, and then letting my skis take me down, back and forth. Even the hiking back up is worth it to be able to get to do it again. When Sean first introduced me to the concept of “earning my turns,” admittedly, I was skeptical of not using the chairlifts (even though that’s what they’re for). But the concept of heading out your back door to a mountain, climbing up on your own accord—getting an amazing workout in the process—is such a high, and I feel so fortunate to have a husband who encourages me to do it!

I went back and edited some photos from our ski excursion in Whitehorse on Thursday—it got me pumped to find some lines in Alaska this week! Sean and I are off to find some tomorrow—wish us luck, and stay tuned!

It was my first time testing out some gear from Lole’s winter 2012/2013 ski wear, which hits stores this fall. First off, I love the colors—bright is the way to be, and these pieces are just that. I appreciated that the pants have a zip-flare at the back to accomodate my ski boots, as well as a panel of elastic on the back waistband which give some added comfort when I’m climbing. The jacket is extremely warm, which was great given how chilly it was at the summit, and I was especially thankful for the adorable black and white striped, built-in hand-warmers.

I also put Osprey’s new Aura pack to the test to see how it holds up on the montain. It was made as a backpacker’s pack (which is great because I love hiking, too) but I wanted to see if I could utilize it for snow objectives as well. Bottom line: It is hands-down the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn. It has a LightWire peripheral alloy frame with a 3D tensioned breathable mesh backpanel, which is fancy talk for saying that the pack doesn’t actually sit on your back. There’s this mesh panel that juts out from the pack so there’s a whole space for your pack to breathe while you hike. That way, you’re not sweating all over yourself—you’re breathing! The hip strap is much more substantial than my current pack, and I appreciate the support there as well. Lastly, I’m in love with the color. It’s so unique for a pack, and lets be honest—it matches my boots AND my skis.

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