Cute jumping photos aren’t for everyone

We’ve spent the last few days (days 2 through 4 of the TQ adventure) in Yellowstone National Park, watching buffalo, hiking, skiing (yes, we did), and enjoying the incredible riot of geology that is YNP. While I take another day to go through all the photos, I want to share a series of photos that makes me laugh.

You know when people are on the top of a mountain or in front of a beautiful landscape and they jump in the air, looking all excited and coordinated? Well apparently not everyone can be so smooth, namely me. I tried the cute jumping thing yesterday at Yellowstone Lake… and failed. Three times.

Apparently, cute jumping photos aren’t for everyone.

I guess I’ll stick to my standard hands-in-the-air pose from now on:


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This is my favourite post ever! 🙂 xo


Blame it on the picture taker.
Besides, you are already cute and don’t need to jump. 😉


Please, please, please keep taking and posting jumping pictures. These are so funny.


Britt and I were just talking about that! She’s going to help me work on my jumping skills throughout the trip 🙂


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