Travel Queen Update: Getting things dialed in

As you know, I haven’t updated since my parents’ visit a few weekends ago… and so much has changed with the TQ! Russ installed the solar panels, which are now happily fastened and soaking up rays from the top of the TQ. Since I can talk at length about our solar initiatives on the trip, that will be an entire post of its own coming up soon.

During my parents’ visit, the first project Dad and Russ tackled was installing the bunk beds:

As you can see, the walls are YELLOW! This was my big project: Taking joint compound (dry wall) and “texturing” it on the ceiling to cover up the nasty wallpaper that was there before. There was no taking this wallpaper off, so it had to be covered. For those of you not familiar with the grand technique of “texturing,” that’s code for “making sloppy look creative.” Literally, it was the only affordable solution we could think of that didn’t deal with wallpaper. So I textured it, and painted it a cheery yellow—which was literally the ONLY decent color that matches those retro curtains we have.
Next big thing: We have a fridge! This beauty came straight from Lowe’s and is the perfect size for the TQ. Dad and Russ worked on getting that shelf put in below the fridge so that we have even more storage, and so the fridge can vent through the roof.

The third big project Dad and Russ did were install shelves into the bathroom. Mind you, this is probably HALF the storage we have for four people’s personal belongings. Needless to say, efficient packing will be an art form on this trip.

This past weekend, Britt, Sean and I were left to fend for ourselves while Russ took a little vacation away from Utah. After we got over the initial HOLY CRAP OUR MECHANIC IS GONE, we actually got a lot taken care of. While I was painting the ceiling, Allison (an TQ official contributor who always keeps our spirits high) was caulking the front windshield so we don’t get rained on, while Britt and Sean focused on plumbing issues, mainly hooking everything up to the water tank I purchased from KSL on Friday afternoon. Here they are, scoping things out:

We also took care of a lot of odds and ends around the construction site… hand-cranking grease into the second settling tank (my biceps are angry at me for 30 minutes of that), cleaning and re-installing the screen door, re-installing the accordion door that separates the bedroom from the living room, sealing the countertop, washing all the removable curtains and pillows to see if they were worth saving, cleaning out all the dust and grime that’s been settling for weeks, and taking breaks to slackline every now and then. Here are Britt and Sean, trimming a piece of wood for a shelf underneath the sink—making an excellent team, if I do say so myself.

You can see here Brittany opted for a more low-key eye protection, while Sean is prepared for the apocalypse.

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