The Top of our TQ Packing List? A Yeti.

One may wonder why we would want to bring a yeti on our road trip from Utah to Alaska in our alternatively-fueled adventure base camp (a.k.a.: The Travel Queen). Perhaps to ward off hungry grizzlies who smell the alternative fuel that’s powering our motor home? Or to keep us company on the long drive through Canada? Nope… our yeti has a much more eco-friendly purpose. He gives us power.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is the biggest, badass, eco-friendly generator there is. And he’s coming on our journey in the motor home….

Not only is the Yeti powerful, but he’s also completely stealth and operates silently. Four 90-watt solar panels have been fastened to the roof, which use sunlight to draw power into the generator, enabling us to power our lights, fridge, computers—everything.

This new adventure into the wide world of solar power will be an interesting one; it will require us to be acutely aware of how much energy we’re using in the motor home, and how much energy we’re bringing in. Luckily, during this time of year, the higher north you go, the more hours of sunlight are in a day. Plus, lets be honest: These panels are monstrous, perfect for bringing in the max amount of energy possible.

…T-minus 6 days till departure!

For more on Goal Zero’s slew of solar-powered goods, visit their website at

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I am purchasing the solar generator to use for my motor home as well. I have only seen the 30 watt panels. How were you able to purchase the 90 watt panels? Was it possible to purchase 120 watt panels? Thanks


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